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Gift Of Time
January 3, 2012, 7:19 pm
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My gift of time was very fun. I learned that a gift of time is easy and brightens someone’s day! It not only is fun for you but for the person you do it for, or in my case the animal you do it for. I chose to walk my grandmother’s dogs. She has four so I chose to walk two of them, my favorite, Peanut and Bug. Peanut is a small dog that looks like sausage on legs. She has lots of hair that goes in some strange ways. {You can make it a Mohawk!} She is a black Chihuahua {kind of a Chihuahua} thing.  Bug is also a Chihuahua, but he is orange.  He is sweet, but protective.

Anyways, I walked them up and down her street 3 times. I used a Christmas/lobster leash since my grandma used to live in Florida. Then, at the end of the leash we put a connector to make both dogs be on the same leash.

I really enjoyed doing my gift of time. I could tell that my grandmother was very happy to have me walk her dogs and she didn’t have to. Also, the dogs seemed to be very joyful to be walked and appreciated it.

 Day 1


 Day 1 went very smoothly! It was probally the easiest and most worry free walk.  No big events happened just a nice calm walk.


Day 2

Wow, day 2 was a lot worse! I went by myself to walk them. They don’t like other dogs so, I have to be careful when other dogs come near.  So on day 2 we saw a dog so I started holding on tight then I look down and there is an empty collar!  Peanut had gotten away! I soon caught her and had to carry her all the way back! (Even though she is a Chihuahua she gets heavy after holding her a lot!)




Day 3 was pretty easy. They were perfect until we saw another dog. But, then I got them under control and let the other dog pass.











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  1.    allna1213 01.06.12 @ 10:39 pm      


    Sounds like a lot of fun with your grandmother’s dogs. I love taking care of puppies or dog. You were definitly right about brightning someones day. Nice job 😀

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