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February 29, 2012, 7:44 pm
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Title: Freeman’s Injured Knee Better


Who: Freddie Freeman

What: Freeman’s knee was dislocated and now better a day after

When: Febuary 2012

Where: Atlanta

Why do we care? We care because now that Freeman’s knee is better, the Braves’ will have a higher chance at winning.

Campbell Stone
February 13, 2012, 9:20 pm
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I enjoyed going to Campbell Stone very much. I enjoyed seeing all of the people there and socializing with them. 5th grade went there twice, once towards the beginning of the year and once a week ago. For the first time we were assigned a ‘buddy’ and we went to their room and talked to them. They told us all about their life and we told them all about ours. The first time was mostly for fun but, the second time, we got to interview our buddy. We asked them many questions and we had a great time.

My group ,which was Grace, Kate, and I met with a man named Robert Ballue. Robert told us about growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and his life there. He told us that when he was a little kid that he liked playing hockey on the street with his friends and he liked to play baseball. Also, he told us that he had a pet German Shepard when he was little named Smokey. He told us that he has four daughters, six grand children, and one great grandson. He told us that he likes to watch the Braves and golf. He also said that he likes Campbell Stone very much. Also, he said his favorite activites at Campbell Stone were bingo and exercising. He said he has been there eight months. Also, a little fun fact is that he loves Coke Zero and Chinese food. 😀

I have really liked going to Campbell Stone and meeting Mr. Robert. I think that it was so fun and I hope that we get to do it again soon.

Homeless Bird Essay
February 9, 2012, 9:46 pm
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In Homeless Bird there are many metaphors. Many of them referring to birds. Many of the birds come along in Koly’s life. Some of them are in her imagination. Her life is very similar to a bird that can’t find a home. At first Koly has a lovely home with her family, then she is forced to marry a man. She marries the man, named Hari, and lives at his house.  Then her husband dies, her ‘sister’ gets married and moves away, and her Sassur (Hari’s dad) dies. And, when she least expects it her Sass ( Hari’s mom) drops her off at a widows country, Vrindavan.  There she is left alone, homeless, much like a bird. She has nothing but her intelligence, knowledge, and 50 rupees. She must find her way around and try to survive.

There are so many metaphors in this book. Here a some of them that stick out and reflect Koly’s life. First, one day Koly was reading Tagore’s Poems to Sassur. She decided to read a poem to him, a poem about a flock of birds and one bird that always goes a separate way from the flock. This resembles Koly’s life because Koly doesn’t always get to go with the group. She usually departs from everyone else and goes her a different way. Also,  there is another example of birds shown throughout the book. This is when Koly and Raji go out to the little creek. This creek reminded Koly of the creek from her previous home with Hari. Raji and her soon saw a heron by the water. They saw the heron multiply times. Koly is very much like this bird to me. This bird can’t exactly find the right home but it has a pretty good idea it wants to stay where it is. This is like when Koly goes to Maa Kamala’s she is pretty sure she wants to stay there but isn’t totally sure it is the right place.  Even though she loved it at Maa Kamala’s she wasn’t sure to stay there or to go with Raji.

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