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February 29, 2012, 7:44 pm
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Title: Freeman’s Injured Knee Better


Who: Freddie Freeman

What: Freeman’s knee was dislocated and now better a day after

When: Febuary 2012

Where: Atlanta

Why do we care? We care because now that Freeman’s knee is better, the Braves’ will have a higher chance at winning.

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  1.    allna1213 03.01.12 @ 11:57 am      


    I really enjoyed your current event. It is amazing that his knee was dislocated and he was better just after a day. I definitely think this is a big event because you are right I bet the Braves will be happy to have him back! Nice job! 😀

  2.    evapo1213 03.01.12 @ 4:03 pm      


    I liked your current event post! I like Freddie Freeman and he is a really good player on the Braves baseball team! I am so glad he is better! Now he’ll be ready for the season! Go Braves!

    Eva 😛

  3.    emipu1213 03.01.12 @ 6:29 pm      

    I agree the Braves will be much better with him back. It’s just fascinating.

    -Emipu1213 :)


  4.    ellco1213 03.01.12 @ 8:07 pm      


    After I heard about him hurting his knee, I freaked out. Most people don’t know this, but I’m actually a really big Braves fan! I was so happy that he got better because he is one of my fav Braves players. Thanks for sharing your article with us. Lets Go Braves! :p

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