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March 1, 2012, 3:44 pm
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Today in values we had to do a very fun activity. For the activity we were in groups and
we had to make these paper type things called parcoes. The parcoes had to have perfect
measurement and the teachers had to approve of them. We had to work very well
with our group to make sure that that the parcoes were perfect. We had to make
sure that everyone in the group contributed and that we were all working hard
to make the parcoes meet the length and the color that it was supposed to be. I
thought that my group (Melissa, Mikaela, Chloe, Natalie and I) did a fabulous
job communicating together. At first, we planned that one of us would measure
out the parcoe, two people would color, one would cut, and the other person
would double check that the parcoe met the standards of being an “official”
parcoe. We soon realized that we need more people on measuring and less on
coloring. So we decided to get another ruler and have two measurers instead of
two people who draw. This seemed to work out very well for us, so we decided we
would stick to this plan.  After we made
about three parcoes, we decided to let the teachers check them. Only one of
them was perfect. I realized that the teachers were being very strict about the
exact length. From then on forward we decided that the parcoe has to be exact
because if it was even a centimeter off it wouldn’t count.


I thought that this was very enjoyable. It was fun to learn even more about working in
groups with people. I liked that we didn’t have to work with people in our
class because we usually  do that. I
liked in this activity that we had to strategize, compromise, and communicate
together. I learned that the more we used everyone’s thoughts and
communticated, the easier it was.

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