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Callie the Deer
March 12, 2012, 1:59 pm
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I rode my bike all the way there.
It was a long, but pretty ride. My Dad and I were riding bikes all the way to
Lawton Stables in Hilton Head Island.
Once we had gotten there, I immediately sped walked over to the petting
zoo. There was the deer, Callie. I had been there once before so I knew that
there was a deer and I was so pumped to get to see her. There were many animals
in different pens such as pigs, bunnies, chicken, horses, ponies, goats and
llamas. All of them were in pens and all around them was one big fence. Because
the fence was around the pens, all of the pens were in the same area. In the
area around the pens is a deer named Callie. Callie is SO sweet, kind, and
gentle. Once I had finally reached her, she managed to stick her snout through
the fence. I leaned over and placed my hand on her head and petted her. She
stuck her nose at me and started licking my hand. She kept licking and licking.
I finally took my hand back and then kept petting her. Then, she decided to lick
my wrist. I trotted around to the gate in the fence and cracked it open and
then scurried over to all the pens. I looked at all of the animals then Callie
walked up to me, I leaned over to pet her and she licked my face! I couldn’t
believe how sweet she was! It made me feel very intrigued that an animal that
is wild can become tamed and very kind to people. I wonder how much work it
took to make the deer not scared of people and to be so affectionate.  I wonder if the people at the stables rescued
her, found her, or if she showed up there and decided to stay. Also, I wonder
what the deer thinks of people. Does she like everyone, just some people, or
doesn’t like anyone?

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