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April 11, 2012, 10:01 am
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makes me very upset when people get pets without the realization of the amount
of care needed. When people get an animal that they aren’t ready for, they do
not treat it with the correct care and don’t give it enough attention. This
bothers me because this is a form of abuse. When people fail to treat the
animal correctly, it hurts the animal very much. It can make the animal
miserable, feeling abused, and in some severe cases, even lead to death. This
topic makes me so emotional about the thought that many animals around the
world are being abused.

Many people would protest that getting an animal
without any research is completely fine. They believe that if the animal is
cute, than it will be fun to have around. But, when they realize the hard work
that goes into it, they just give up on the innocent pet. Also, some people
assume that caring for the pet will be very will be very easy and they give it
little effort. They feel that it is fine that they are mistreating it, because
they have done no research and don’t know it is wrong. When they don’t give
full effort into caring for the animal, the animal will probably feel lonely
and start to be stubborn. These are just a few of the reasons you should know
the responsibilities and the effort going into getting a pet, before you buy

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