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A Single Shard #2
May 16, 2012, 6:37 pm
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A Single Shard has many different descriptive similes. I like how many similes there are, it makes the writing so much more interesting. The first simile is said by Crane-man, he says, “ My friend, the same wind blows one door shut often blows another open.” This simile means that when something bad happens, another thing will come that is good and will help you. This quote is also used in the book Bud-Not-Buddy. In Bud-Not-Buddy, it says that when one door closes another one will open.


Another simile is when Crane-man is telling a story to Tree-ear about women protecting a man. Crane-man says, “ Can you see it, my friend? The woman jumping one after another from the cliff, their beautiful silk dresses billowing in the air–pink, red, green, blue. . . indeed, like flowers falling.” The simile is saying that the dresses that the women are wearing, look like flowers when they are jumping off the cliff. This simile isn’t as meaningful as the first one but, it still makes the writing more descriptive. Immediately after reading this simile, I could vividly imagine the women jumping down with flowing dresses.

This I Believe
May 16, 2012, 8:33 am
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I believe that no matter what you are doing, you should be prepared for anything. You should be prepared to help anyone in any emergency. This is something I truly started to believe when I was needed in a real emergency. It all started when I was just lying on my comfy couch. I was at my mountain house in Ellijay, Georgia; it was a gorgeous perfect day until… Someone comes sprinting to our door! Already I know something is happening because there is basically NO one at the mountains. “Mom, someone is at the door!” I holler in the direction that I hope she is in. Then she walks inside from the screened porch and saunters to the door. I stroll over to my mom’s room and lie down on her plush pillow.  I sit up and listen to who is at the door. All I hear is, “I ran over your dog with my truck. I’m pretty sure I ran over his leg. Get your golf cart to get your dog.” As soon as I hear that I know that Jake (My dog) is seriously hurt. I grab the golf cart key and throw it to my mom. We sprint down the stairs and my mom drives extremely fast up towards the road.

While we are driving, one million and three thoughts and emotions are overflowing me. I don’t know what to expect. Is he bleeding to death? Is he so smashed that he is slowly dying? Is anything or everything broken? Will he live? I start praying and praying that what I see is not bad and that he will be ok.  I sit on the golf cart speeding as fast as it can go thinking about how much I love Jake. He is so important to me and I love him more than anything. If anything happens I don’t even know what I’ll do. So by now we are at the terrifying road.

I look over at my dad and he is leaning over. I assume Jake is lying at his feet. When I walk over there I am flustered with thanks. Jake is not bleeding nor smashed, thank the lord. I immediately run over to him tears in my eyes and see that he is lying down not moving at all. Not moving is extremely rare for this dog.  He is the type of dog that is jumping up and down all day.

My mom and I grab a towel and ever so carefully slide it under Jake. Once he is entirely on the towel, we slowly lift Jake up onto the golf cart. My mom drives us to our car and she tells me to call an animal hospital that she just found. I have to call it and then record the telephone number. Once I am finished with that, I am instructed to sit next to Jake, stroking him while he is yelping and yelping.

We finally got him in the car and drove a whole 40 minutes to the nearest animal hospital. It was the longest 40 minutes of my entire life. When we finally arrived, the doctors examined him. While they were examining, we heard him yelp like CRAZY! It was so hard to listen to him be in so much pain. After the doctors examined him and they were 95% sure that a rib was broken and if not a rib then something was. My heart dropped all the to my stomach. They said that they needed to still x-ray him just to make sure. They told us that he had no broken bones and that he is the luckiest dog in the world.  This was extremely good news but, it didn’t explain anything, he still can’t get up. The doctors kept looking and said he had major bruising.

The doctors said that if we hadn’t helped, he might have gotten more hurt because of his rapid breathing. This event taught me that at any moment, even if you are just lying on the couch, you have to be prepared and willing to help anyone in need. It also made me think that if you aren’t prepared that something worse could happen. So, you should always be ready to support and ease someone in a time of need. This I believe.

A Single Shard
May 9, 2012, 6:48 pm
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If I were Kang right now,I would feel extremely proud . First, because I came up with a new, creative style of pottery. I feel that I am the most unique potter because I am going out of the comfort zone of celadon glazed pottery. Everyone, I mean everyone uses celadon glaze so, now that I used something else people will pay more attention to mine and will think it is amazing, new, and creative. Now that Emissary Kim came, I am pretty sure that he will pick me for the job. I am pretty  that he likes the new creative style.

But, I have some major competition, Min. He has as much skill as me! We are both extremely excellent potters. Min only has one advantage, patience. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am patient, but he is a master at being patient. This quality of his is what makes him a threat. But, I still think that my creativity puts me at the top.

MacBook Airs
May 8, 2012, 8:56 am
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In 5th and 6th grade we will be receiving MacBook Airs. I am extremely excited about getting to have a Mac. I am excited for many reasons. First, I am excited because we get to use the ‘new’ technology. Second, I am happy because now I get to use my own computer for what I want to do.  I also am glad we are getting them because I know more about Macs than P.C.s. Next, it will be nice to be able to do my homework on my own computer. That will help me learn faster and easier now that I have my own  computer. Finally, it will be so fun to be able to work on my movie making skills on iMovie.

Thick Ice
May 8, 2012, 8:47 am
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This is a picture of  people who decided  to go have a nice afternoon and they to go walk on this thick ice. This came a cold spell that hit most of Europe. Hundreds of deaths came from this being -40 degrees. This picture makes me wonder what the people’s life there is like. It makes me wonder about the the people who lost their dearest loved one in the cold spell. I think about how many families had to go through this. How did they try to get everything back to normal with someone they need gone? How can they make it through the day knowing that when they get home that that person won’t be there? I love that a picture like this can make me come up with so many different questions, perspectives, and about life in others places.

People living in Switzerland going for in a stroll during a large cold spell. The temperatures dropped all the way  down to -40 degrees. Hundreds of people died from this spell that spread across much Europe.

Photographed by: Denis Bailbouse

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