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Thick Ice
May 8, 2012, 8:47 am
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This is a picture of  people who decided  to go have a nice afternoon and they to go walk on this thick ice. This came a cold spell that hit most of Europe. Hundreds of deaths came from this being -40 degrees. This picture makes me wonder what the people’s life there is like. It makes me wonder about the the people who lost their dearest loved one in the cold spell. I think about how many families had to go through this. How did they try to get everything back to normal with someone they need gone? How can they make it through the day knowing that when they get home that that person won’t be there? I love that a picture like this can make me come up with so many different questions, perspectives, and about life in others places.

People living in Switzerland going for in a stroll during a large cold spell. The temperatures dropped all the way  down to -40 degrees. Hundreds of people died from this spell that spread across much Europe.

Photographed by: Denis Bailbouse

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