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Further into the World of Mac

Next year at our school the fifth and sixth graders get their own Mac Book Airs. The Sixth Graders even get to take them home. We will have them wherever we go. I will feel very organized. Sixth Grade can be overwhelming sometimes.  For me it’s when I’m trying to keep track of all my papers for every class. I know a lot about Macs so I love to make new folders for like everything. It makes me feel very organized. I am not a good note taker because I do not write quickly and neatly at the same time. I can use Word Doc and Power Point and Key Note and much more to make sure everything is neat. I look forward to it. I am excited to be very connected.


Male polar bears may eat young bears, so mothers are ever vigilant. Photographer Florian Schulz watched a Svalbard male stalk a female with two cubs. “When the female saw him, she huffed at her cubs, and then they just pinned their ears back and ran.” Leaping over floes, they kept going long after they’d made good their escape.   Florian Schulz (photographer)

This is a breathtaking picture of polar bear family. A protective mother spotted a hungry male polar bear and made a run for it with her identical children by her side. The males sometimes eat young bears. The little bears were oblivious of the situation. They leaped over treacherous splits in the slippery ice. They just followed their mother. The male was not far behind. The polar bear’s life is more complex than we may think. One picture can tell us that much.
-Campbell Johnson



Wordly Wise Story 14

This story is totally false.

I was riding on a boat in the Arctic and I saw a dolphin. I knew I needed to help it. I wanted to be benevolent. I jumped out of the ship. I realized I was being a bit engrossing. It is not an exaggeration when I say the water was 20 degrees below freezing. I was already numb. The poor dolphin. I saw the marvelous dolphin jumping up and down in the water. I was almost distracted by the frostbite all over my body but I knew I was on a mission. I looked ahead of us and I saw a huge iceberg that was extensive. The boat was heading right towards it. The boat soon hit the iceberg and started to sink! I took the opportunity to save the dolphin. I tried to tossed it up on top of the iceberg. It would not reach so I relinquished. I realized everyone on the boat was about to die so I did not really use discretion. Then I had the idea to go under the boat and lift it. Everyone one was saved. It was fantastic!

Homeless Bird – By: Gloria Whelan

The Fifth Grade has just stated studying India. Homeless Bird is in India. The beautiful contry is the perfect place to set a book. So far, Homeless Bird is about a young (13) girl named Koly who is forced by her parents to marry a boy who is supposably 16 and very strong and healthy. Or as they say, a good marry. She is forced to leave her family to live with her new husband and his family, who she hasn’t even met. Her maa and baap (mom and dad) and her go to see Hari’s (her soon to be husband) parents the day before the ceromony. Koly does not get to meet her husband until the day of the wedding. She does not make a good first impression of herself infront of her new sass and sassur (step-parents). On the day of the wedding they find out the truth. Hari is very ill and not 16! He is very sick and weak. Koly’s parents paid for a good mary and were let down. But, Koly’s sass and sassur need the money to heal their sick child. Her parents apandand Koly at her new home that night and she stays for a day and already knows she  cannot stay. She does find a quick friendship with her sister-in-law. Hari is very sick so they go clean in the Ganges River.  To say the least, it does not help. Hari died later that night

Gift of Time

I hope you had a wonderful winter break! For my gift of time I helped my mom out with Christmas Eve dinner. We had my whole family here so I felt the urge to help. I helped set the table and clear the plates. I felt good helping my mom out. I felt good to see her smiling and at ease. No one should  have all that pressure on them over the holiday. I loved seeing all of my family enjoying a wonderful feast knowing I contributed.  


I had a wonderful Christmas. I woke up early and did the whole “Santa” thing and then got dressed to go to Church. On Christmas Eve we also went tu church. There is also a beautiful service on Christmas Eve. At the end we turn out all the lights in the whole church and we all get candles and sing silent night. It is always beautiful. Anyway, when we got back to church I helped my dad make orange jucie then I put on my pj’s and got ready to hand out presents. Unofficially, I was called to be the “prestent giver outer” this year. So I had to dig under the tree for a present for everyone until they were all gone. After the present opening was done we had a litttle break between eating dinner. That went by quick and so did dinner. Before I knew it it was time for our favorite traditon, watchign “A Christmas Carol.” It is always fun to say all the lines that we know because we watch it twice a year every year. On Christmas and on Thanksgiving. I had a chance to get on my email and I had 10 emails about what mmy friends got for Christmas. I decided I was not going to do that. It is not about the gifts but it is about celebrating Christ birth. I love Christmas but this year try not to think, presents are over! No more presents until next year! There is not present in Christmas. But, there is Christ.

Plus there are twelve days of Christmas so Christmas doesn’t end until January 6.

In the Christmas Spirit

Today my mom and I went to Brevard NC and went Christmas shopping! Brevard is a nice little old fashion town with little shops all over. On the way there we turned on the Christmas station and got in our Christmas mood. I was counting dead animals on the road and my mom got grossed out. She started counting Christmas trees on top of cars. We counted 5 altogether.

When we finally got parked (it took my mom and long time to get in the space. You know parallel parking is hard, especially in my dads big truck.) we got out and went to two stores. We finally came across our favorite Christmas store. We found out that if we buy three ornaments you get the fourth one free! So that is exactly what we did. I got an ornament for my dad (it said Felis Navidad) and one for my grandmother (it was a pink high heal shoe.)

After we went to one more store, where I bought candles for my other grandmother, we were ready for some hot chocolate. We were looking around when we found my heaven, a chocolate shop!! Oh my goodness when I walked in I was in love. I ended up getting a HUGE piece of milk chocolate bark topped off with oreos! YUM! I was so wound up in my bark that I forgot about hot chocolate. My mom couldn’t find anywhere to get some so we headed home. Our ride back was full of Christmas songs!

Thanksgiving at the Johnson’s

This year our family spent our Thanksgiving in North Carolina at our lake house. My Uncle Rick, MaMa Barbara, sister, Mother, Father all had a wonderful time! In the morning from 9:00 to 12:00 we watched the 85th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. My favorite performance was the Rockettes.

Then, my parents went on a boat ride and I built the biggest leaf pile in history. When my parents got back my sister Kat and I went outside and had a like 2 hour photo shoot. We took pictures of us jumping in the leaves. We took pictures of us laying in the leaves, and jumping up in the air (I wasn’t really good at that). We also took pictures of us kicking off trees (FUN!) We showed my dad (a professional photographer, editor, director, and producer!) our pictures and he rolled hi eyes and started correcting us. “Really? Your not in focus! Your back lit! Your finger is in the flash! I can’t see your face!” When he was finally done he came out and took pictures of us. Of course his pictures were amazing. Show off.  Before we knew it it was time for dinner.

To sum things up, best dinner in my life.  It included, turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, macaroni, sweet potatos, and green been casoral. To top it off, for dessert we had pumpkin pie!

We are about to play a card game by the fire and (like we do every year) watch (drum roll please…..) Scrooge!!!! Oh yeah! Best Christmas movie ever! That’s right! You see, Thanksgiving night is the kick off to Christmas in our family!
I am very blessed. My whole family is. Comment on my blog and tell me how your Thanksgiving was!



Inside the frame I.E Gum Rapper

What is a picture frame? Some people say it’s a square or shape that hold a picture or memory. That is all true, but is there more? Look inside. It’s not just a frame. I know what you’re thinking. “This is really weird Campbell, talking about a frame? WOW.”  It’s a sign that what’s in it is very important. Do you frame a gum rapper? Or a calendar? They are not important. Of course you want your gum rapped in a rapper for it to be clean. Of course you need to know what you’re doing tomorrow or in a few weeks. Think about these things that you use through the day. You can use them more than once. A picture in a frame will only happen once in a life time. Never again will you be in that exact same place, at the exact same time, thinking the exact same things. To me, a frame is a hint. What you are looking at is important. Look deeper. Is there more behind the glass?  That’s what I think when I see a frame.

News on the Ankle

If you go to Trinity School (which most of you do) then you know that I sprained my ankle and was in a boot for a month. Before that I was in a wheelchair and crutches for what felt like forever. I wish I had broken my ankle! That sounds weird, but the doctor said it hurts less to brake your ankle than sprain it and it doesn’t take as long to heal. I have had my feelings hurt a lot during this period of time because some people (more than some) have been saying some very mean things to me. For example, “Wow Campbell. Nice faker!” Or “Oh yeah “broken” ankle uh-huh!” I tried not to let it get to me but it’s harder than it sounds. These last three months have been the most stressful months of my life. They were full of crying, physical therapy, icing, rapping, and of course, sitting around doing nothing. To explain more, I was crying from pain and from boar-dome. I didn’t mean to stress you out or sound like a brat but I was really crying because I couldn’t do anything! I am in physical therapy for 6 weeks. Long time. I have been pushed to my limits there for a long time but I love my trainer. (Love you Kate :) ) I have one more thing to make go “Awww you pore thing!” (Not that I like doing that.) Do you know what it’s like to have to sit everyday watching my friends run around, have fun, a get athletic for hours a day while you sit there doing nothing? That’s exactly what happened to me. My friends at recess tried to sit and talk to me instead of playing but, they did that like twice. They wanted to play at recess! I don’t blame them. They’re the best friends in the world and have helped me a lot in feeling better. I feel a little alone when their playing at recess without me but what are they supposed to do? Sit there with me and do nothing? I would hate for them to miss out on the fun. I just wish I could have some company. I am a week behind in my running process. :( Sorry to be depressing but I need to express my feelings.


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