17 May 2012

Literature Response Number 2

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I think Tree-ear will bring the shard to Songdo with no other problems and the shard will please the court. But I think Min will finally teach Tree-ear to make a pot. After Min Teaches Tree-ear they will both move to Songdo and make pottery for the court, but I think Crane-man will stay behind.

16 May 2012

This I believe

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Keep your siblings close

When I was four years old I learned that it is better to keep your siblings close by keeping in touch. I know that everybody who has siblings say they hate them at one point, but you really don’t. You should always make it up to them even if you are right. When I was really little, I grew up hearing stories about siblings fighting and not talking for 10 years. I was ignorant and four and thought it would never happen to my brother and I.

We got along perfectly until he made me mad, and got my blood boiling. I don’t even remember what he did. What I do remember is not talking to him for five days, in the summer! Some people think summers are great and they are, but sometimes you don’t know what to do with all that time. So I was bored, and he was too. Then I felt sorry I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it but it just did. So I was ready to forgive him but he hadn’t apologized. Then I felt happy for resisting the urge to forgive him. The next day I was sorry for ignoring him but I still thought it was necessary not to back down from this so, I kept on.

On the fifth day he just said, “I’m really sorry about whatever I did. Do you want to play in the garden?”

So now when I’m angry with him I just go to the garden no matter what the weather. Because I realize that my relationship with my brother is more important than getting cold or wet. When I was that young I had one motto that I probably got from TV, live life to the fullest extent, have fun, and don’t let anything stop you. Since I was that young I had one virtue to try to forgive but don’t forget and let that memory fuel your friendship. Nowadays I realize that wasn’t the best virtue or a real one for that matter. It led me into lots of fights with many different people. Some values that are important to me now are, forgiveness (though I hold a long grudge), repaying favors or debts that I am in, and staying with true friends and making friendships survive the tides of time.

This I Believe





9 May 2012

Response to Literature

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In the 5th grade we are reading A single Shard. In my response I decided to do what  I thought the theme was.I think the theme in this book is to persevere. When Tree-ear was working for Min he got hurt and frustrated, but persevered and did what needed to be done. Another example was when he was cutting clay. Everybody else was done way before him but he still tried and didn’t give up, and eventually he got the hang of it. One more is when Tree-ear was actually rolling the cart back down. He hit one rock and everything fell out. He could have given up right there and forgot about His work. But no, Tree-ear kept on. Even when Min yelled at him he just kept on working. Perseverance keeps appearing in small bits in parts of the book. This is why I think it’s the theme of the book.

9 May 2012

Getting a MacBook Air

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I think that there are many advantages to having a Mac Book Air. One of the many is that that the Internet will not have to load so slowly like when we had the windows computer. Another thing is that mac computers are a lot lighter and easier to travel with. Another thing, is that you can download lots more applications so children will never get bored. Parents when the kids play and they trip across the plug, the computer won’t get ripped out of the plug. These are just a few reasons I prefer Macs.

30 Apr 2012

Coral on Kanton Island

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Coral in Kanton Island is becoming healthy again after being badly bleached and killed. Now the coral is doing great and is spreading over four feet. This coral is important because it is it’s own ecosystem. Many types of fish and other plant-life call coral their home. Another thing is coral is alive itself. Some coral is even endangered. Also lots of other possibly endangered fish call coral their home.This is what the caption says: Healthy new plate coral in the lagoon on Kanton island is a sign of hope. Since the water here, were hit by a severe bleaching episode, the coral has grown to a diameter of more than four feet.This is why we should care.









18 Apr 2012

Current Event

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Urlhttp://www.ihavenet.com/World-Europe-How-European-Crisis-Could-Hurt-the-Global-Economy-USN.htmlTitle Greece economy falling apart ours next?

Who? Greece’s economy

Where? Greece

What Greece’s economy

Why do we care? We care because our government is sort of like Greece’s. Plus we are facing the same problems as Greece. Greece economy is crumbling very fast. What I’m wondering with all our debt will ours be next? Also what will happen then will we move to a different country? Will the same things happen there? After or if you read this, I want you to think what will happen.

11 Apr 2012

OPED article

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are many reasons why aging is not necessarily a bad thing.

after all these years you gain wisdom and can answer most questions. Second,
some seniors are still active just in different ways. Next, when you get older
and can’t do all the things you would like to, you can pursue different hobbies
like crochet. After that, you have lots of love to give if you are a
grandparent and if you love them they will love you back. Finally, lots of
seniors come to terms with life and can live on worry free.

Although some people would argue
that old age brings forgetfulness, but if it is really important everybody will
remember eventually. Next, they are prone to diseases and can be contagious,
although small children have the same problem not many people criticize them
it’s the same thing. Lastly, seniors’ bodies can be frail and they might have
to go to bed before four, but grandparents give children young and old, joy. In
conclusion the good of old age outweighs the bad.

1 Mar 2012

Parcoe Activity

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In values today we did a new activity. As a lot of you know, we are starting the Greece unit, and in the  unit there are the Greek Olympics. So, the values team devised a plan to test our teamwork, by doing  the Parcoe activity. The Parcoe activity was, pretending you were a business and you were producing parcoes. A parcoe is a piece of paper that has a one inch by one inch square paper clipped onto a 3 by 5 inch paper with a one inch blue line. We had 6 people in our group to produce these so we did an assembly line. The goal was to get as many parcoes as you can. Also with parcoes you can buy supplies to make more. My groups strategy was to make an assembly line and turn them in with buying as little as possible. What went well was the line because we had good people on their strengths. What did not go well was there was lots of commotion so we lost stuff. It was a problem that we lost stuff because we would lose parcoes if we bought more so we would fall behind. Since we did not buy stuff we came in second. The irony is we needed another paperclip but we had dropped one at the beginning we came in second by one. I do not think this is necessarily fair because there were different teachers approving and disapproving so some teachers were more strict than others. In conclusion this was a smart activity which is funny because our math teacher came up with it. This was a test designed to help us with teamwork. It did exactly that.

29 Feb 2012

Increased Snowfall

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Who: Worldwide

When:Now since 2007

What:Increased snowfall

Why do we care:We care because since the icecaps are melting animals will die because of increased snowfall. Animals like bears would not be able to do much and starve this is why we care.


13 Feb 2012

Campbell Stone

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My trip to Campbell Stone was good. Campbell stone is a retirement home. There I have met one of the liveliest people I know. At Campbell Stone our base groups were paired up with a buddy. My buddy is named Carmen Gomez. At this second visit we asked questions about her life. Carmen Gomez was born in South America, she likes every single holiday, she went to Acounty collage, her father is the president of the Hilton Hotel, she has 2 grandsons they are 15 and 10, and her only daughter is named Carmen Gomez. Her favorite colors are yellow, blue, and red. Her favorite foods are chicken and fish, she has one brother and two sisters. My buddy has a fantastic personality and is wonderful to be with.