Today our teamwork, problem solving, and sportsmanship skills were put to the test.  We did an activity where you are in a business and you have to work together to make these almost postcard little things called parcoes. You had to be PERFECT or else it wouldn’t count. AND WE HAD 9 MINUTES TO DO IT!!! .After you made one you could either trade it for more supplies or you could turn it into the bank. The business with the most valid parcoes wins. My group made 5 valid parcoes but we used one to get another ruler. Trust me it is harder than it sounds. Our strategy was to make our stuff like an Assembly line. What went well was that we all worked together well and we were able to keep things moving. But what didn’t go well was that we probably made 10 parcoes in all. We were on a roll and getting them all done but when we try to turn them in there was always something that was either cut to short or wasn’t neat enough. We should have taken our time and tried to get them all done right the first time, because we probably used about 3 of our 9 minutes trying to fix the flaw in the messed up ones. I think that the teachers were a little too picky. If you were off by just half a centimeter back to the drawing board for you buddy. Overall this was a really fun and stimulating activity.

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  1. wilbr1213 says:

    That is a great blog post! You did a good job of describing how it works. I agree that the teachers were a little to picky, but, we were still a great team!
    William B.

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