During spring break my mom, sister, and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was amazing. Whenever I got to the aquarium it makes me feel relaxed. My favorite animal is the giant grouper. It’s just funny to see them just floating there with their lip poking out. THEY ARE HUGE!!!! They also look very angry. It always feels like he’s watching you wherever you go. The tank where I feel most relaxed in is the Ocean Voyager. The half pipe shaped section is amazing; I can just look up and see the many fish surrounding me. I am always so jealous of my dad because he got the opportunity to swim in that tank!! I just love the ocean all together. I rarely get to go to the beach. The aquarium is the closest I get on a regular basis, but in my opinion the aquarium is better. When you go on the beach what are your chances of seeing a beluga whale, or a whale shark, or a giant grouper!? Those chances are the chances of being mauled by a polar bear and a real bear at the same time. My spring break was filled with nature. For me, that’s the best spring break ever.

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