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For my response I am going to make another prediction. I think that Tree-ear will make it to Songdo soon. I think that when Tree-ear gets to Songdo he will show the Emperor the single shard. The Emperor will like it so much that he asks Tree-ear if he could remake the rest of the vase. Tree-ear will work and work on it for a very long time. Crane man, Ajima, and Min will be worried. (Min will show his concern on the inside, not the outside). After Tree-ear finishes the vase the emperor will love it and send Tree-ear back to Chu’ulp’o to ask his parents/guardian if he could work for him. This concludes my prediction for this response.

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I believe that having a unique point of view is good. Everyone is different. My creative thoughts are of unicorns and trolls running around, so I differently see things differently. When I was in preschool my class was always given coloring worksheets. They were pictures of animals, people, and other things. I always had trouble with this because my class mates were always using the blue to color the water or using the green to color the grass. I hated to color because I never got the color I wanted. I would have to wait in line for that specific color. One day I was waiting in line for the blue so I could color a picture of a fish jumping out of the water,  it was taking so long when I lost my patients and I cut in line and grabbed the green from someone else and started coloring. The little boy got pretty angry and he came over with a pink and scribbled all over the water. I didn’t say a word. I just sat there with my mouth in mid-scream form staring at it, I thought it looked great with the green fish and the pink ocean, but I though, that couldn’t be right, the ocean is not pink, it’s blue. I sat there puzzled for a while, then I decided that in this picture the ocean would be pink. That day I learned a very important lesson. I learned that the right color is not always the best color. I also learned that even though my classmates thought my pink ocean looked disgusting I thought it looked great. It looked great because I saw it as the most beautiful ocean ever.

As I grew older my colorings were getting weirder and weirder by the day. By now I was coloring eagles pink, blue, green, and orange. One day I found an activity were you look into a picture and its all black and white and there are more than one things you can see, it was very fun, they were optical illusions. There was one were you could see a big cup or two faces, but in all of them you could see the pretty and upbeat thing or the dull and ugly thing. These pictures taught me how to look at things in different ways. Everyone has a creative eye and sees things differently, this I believe.

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For my response I will make a prediction. I think that Min will be at home worrying about losing to Kang and then Tree-ear will take matters into his own hands. He will make an extraordinary piece of pottery that will beat Kang. After that Min will have to appreciate Tree-ear. I also think that the emissary will choose Min to work for the royal commission . My final prediction is that I think Tree-ear will make his great piece of pottery before the emissary chooses and will show it to the emissary. It’ll be so good that the emissary will take Tree-ear so he can make pottery for the Emperor. This concludes my prediction.

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Next year the 6th graders and the 5th graders are going to get MacBook Airs. I am so exited to get one. I love the Macs. I just got one for Christmas and I love it! I am so glad they chose to give us Macs instead of PCs. I think that PC is so much more complicated and slow.  Macs are fast and easy to understand. I think having a Mac will help me organize my things better. One thing I’m going to try and do is to try become a better researcher. I am so exited, can’t wait for next year!



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A photographer named Yannis Behrakis took a picture of a protester in Greece throwing a patrol bomb at Police officers. He threw the bomb in Syntagma Square, which has been the center of months of demonstrations in Greece. I believe that the protester was getting so angry because of the plummet of the economy in Greece that he felt it was necessary to throw a bomb at the police. This was reported December 19, 2011. I think that if people are starting to throw bombs then you know things are getting out of hand. I chose this picture because when I was flipping through a magazine looking for a cool picture this one caught my eye. Who can resist a picture of someone throwing a fire ball!

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Who: Two suspected museum theifs

Where: Greece

When: Friday April 14, 2012

What: Musem theifs tied up the night gaurd and took 65-68 clay and brass statues, and a golden ring

Why do we care: We care because any time something bad happens we should care. Also we could lern from their mistakes. We could improve our security and everything that would prevent things like that from happening.

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I don’t think government should have control over our diets. One reason is because if someone wants to eat unhealthy all day, government shouldn’t have to worry about it. They need to learn that lesson the hard way. Second, if the government puts a limit on sugar the people who eat healthy every day and then get some snack for reward will have to share the punishment. They can’t say only these people can’t eat sugary snacks and these people can. Finally, I think the government should just watch and wait. Things haven’t gotten out of hands yet. If the government thinks that our country is getting fat then they should instead of controlling the food, they should control the exercise. If the government says to lose a certain number of calories each week it would be great. I think people would rather play tag and run around rather than eating a bunch of vegetables every day. I think that if the government is going to control our weight and how big we are they should control how much exercise we get each day.

Some people think that the government should have to control our diets. One reason is because it is believed that since government hasn’t told them not to they’re eating all the sweets they can. They think it is very unhealthy to eat a lot of sugar. People also think that the US is fighting a new war, obesity. They think if the government doesn’t take control everyone will be obese. Therefore everything will have to be bigger. They’ll have to make bigger seats, bigger hospital beds, and access ramps for the people who can’t carry their own weight. People are starting to believe that the only way to fight the war of obesity is to put our diets in the hands of the government.

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During spring break my mom, sister, and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was amazing. Whenever I got to the aquarium it makes me feel relaxed. My favorite animal is the giant grouper. It’s just funny to see them just floating there with their lip poking out. THEY ARE HUGE!!!! They also look very angry. It always feels like he’s watching you wherever you go. The tank where I feel most relaxed in is the Ocean Voyager. The half pipe shaped section is amazing; I can just look up and see the many fish surrounding me. I am always so jealous of my dad because he got the opportunity to swim in that tank!! I just love the ocean all together. I rarely get to go to the beach. The aquarium is the closest I get on a regular basis, but in my opinion the aquarium is better. When you go on the beach what are your chances of seeing a beluga whale, or a whale shark, or a giant grouper!? Those chances are the chances of being mauled by a polar bear and a real bear at the same time. My spring break was filled with nature. For me, that’s the best spring break ever.

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Today our teamwork, problem solving, and sportsmanship skills were put to the test.  We did an activity where you are in a business and you have to work together to make these almost postcard little things called parcoes. You had to be PERFECT or else it wouldn’t count. AND WE HAD 9 MINUTES TO DO IT!!! .After you made one you could either trade it for more supplies or you could turn it into the bank. The business with the most valid parcoes wins. My group made 5 valid parcoes but we used one to get another ruler. Trust me it is harder than it sounds. Our strategy was to make our stuff like an Assembly line. What went well was that we all worked together well and we were able to keep things moving. But what didn’t go well was that we probably made 10 parcoes in all. We were on a roll and getting them all done but when we try to turn them in there was always something that was either cut to short or wasn’t neat enough. We should have taken our time and tried to get them all done right the first time, because we probably used about 3 of our 9 minutes trying to fix the flaw in the messed up ones. I think that the teachers were a little too picky. If you were off by just half a centimeter back to the drawing board for you buddy. Overall this was a really fun and stimulating activity.

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Who : The town of Harrisburg Illinois


What: Severe storms that caused a massive tornado that swept across town and destroyed everything in its path


Where: Harrisburg Illinois


When:  Wednesday February 29 2012


Why do we care: We care because we heard about how devastating the storm was. We also take note of the tragedy that has just taken place in our country.We need to take advantage of our very high tech storm alerts. It may help save lives later on.

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