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I am really excited to get macs next year, I have wanted a computer for a long time. I think that I will feel more responsible. I think that having a mac will make it easier to get information and research. I think it will help because people will not have to share computers. You will be able to just flip open your computer and get information. I think that next year I will want to learn more about garage band on the mac. I also want to learn more about imovie for mac. I can’t wait till next year.

I think there should be more extreme sports in the Olympics

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I Think More Extreme Sports Should Be In the Olympics

More extreme sports should be included in the Olympics. Extreme require athletic ability like many other mainstream sports but many are not represented in the Olympics. For example there are a lot of people in the world that mountain bike, but they are not represented in the Olympics. If the Olympics showcased extreme sports, they might become more popular. This would make a lot of money for these sports and represent more people’s interests. I hope they include extreme sports in the Olympics sometime soon.

Many people think that there should not be more extreme sports in the Olympics. Some people think it would be hard to find a place to accommodate these sports. I think that if the people in charge of the Olympics are able to find an Olympic swimming pool, they should be able to find a lake or a mountain bike trail. Some people think that it would be too dangerous to encourage extreme sports. Some Olympic sports an equally as dangerous. I understand that some people don’t want extreme sports in the Olympics, but I think it’s important to represent all sports.

By: Drew Hockstein

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In this picture scientist are unfreezing a ice man that died 5300 years ago. In 1991 people discovered a iceman. The iceman had a arrow in his back and his supplies were around him.I think what the scientist are doing is interesting because the iceman they are uncovering is 5300 years old.

Photograph by Robert Clark

Eduard Egarter Vigl (pointing) and colleagues use an endoscope to try to examine the arrowhead in the Iceman’s shoulder. The arrow severed an artery, causing a quick, bloody demise. Far left: A model depicts the Iceman and artifacts as they were found in 1991.

What I think will happen in the book Liberation of Gabriel King

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In class we are reading the book Liberation of Gabriel King. When we last read the book Gabe didn’t want to go to fifth grade because he was scared of bullies,   Frita came up with plan where Gabe would do every thing that scares him so he would go to fifth grade. What I think will happen next is that Gabe will not be scared of as much things anymore. I also think Gabe will stand up to Duke (the bully). I think Gabe will go to fifth grade.

My Ode to Doughnuts

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Ode to Doughnuts

Oh doughnuts

When I look at you

I see the glistening glaze.

I bite down

And the sweetness

rushes around my mouth.

When I bite down

I hear myself say yum.

I feel the softness

In my hands and mouth.

The smell is so sweet

I want to eat you right away.

I love to eat doughnuts.

By: Drew Hockstein

Robotics Team

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I am on the robotics team  this year and the theme of the competition is food. For the research part of the competition we had to choose a type of food or drink to research. We choose milk. When we researched it we found out that in perfect conditions milk only lasts 14-16 days. That is a big problem in tropical climates because the temperature can cause milk to spoil quicker. It might only last about 3-6 days and it has to be treated and shipped in that time. But there is something called UHT (ultra high temperature) milk processing which is when you heat milk up to about 275 degrees fahrenheit for about 4-15 seconds. UHT milk is good because it does not have to be refrigerated for 4-6 months until it is opened.  The only problem is that UHT plants are kind of expensive so if  the price does not go down it will be bad for poor countries. There are also some things called smart tags or TTIs (time temperature indicators). They are tags that sense things like change in temperature or when things spoil. They are not being used on milk yet because they are kind of expensive, but they are being used on things like fruit. They might be used on milk when the price goes down.


Current Events

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Title:  TSA misses loaded gun in bag at LAX

Source: 10-24-11


Who: TSA

What: A loaded .32-caliber gun fell out of a duffel bag as it was loaded onto a plane to Alaska.

When: Oct 24, 2011

Where: LAX airport

Why do we care: We care because even if the bag with the gun in it was loaded on the bottom of the plane airport security should be careful about things like that because it is dangerous.

Current Events

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Source: USA Today 10-17-11

Who:  Pierre Johansson

What:  He went to jail because he trapped 13,000 wild birds including protected species.

When:  January 2005 until being caught in June 2010 went to jail 10-17-11

Where:  Sweden

Why Do We Care:  We care because his actions had a bad effect on several rare species of birds. We would be sad if some of those birds became extinct.


Mesopotamia Blog

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For my Mesopotamia project, my essential question is: What part did the weapons play in the conquest of Sumer?  I chose this question because I really like learning about things like that.  I also chose this topic because I had some really good ideas for my physical project.  I think this is a very fun thing to learn about in school.

I learned that bronze, copper, and the wheel, were important during wars.  Bronze, copper, and the wheel were important because bronze helped make strong and powerful weapons, copper helped make some armor and weapons, and the wheel helped make the chariot.  The chariot has at least one driver, one spear man, and two archers.   Without copper, bronze, and the wheel, the wars would be different.  Without bronze the Sumerians might not have invented some of the weapons that were important to the wars and without copper the Sumerians might not have some of their helmets and newer armor.  Without the wheel there would not be a chariot and some people would not get around as quickly.

I think That my physical project went really well.  I had time to make a power point and a mace, with extra time.  I think working on my project at home some of the time worked really well.  I think I had a good amount of research.  Working on the mace at home was really fun.  I worked on the blog at school and at home which worked really well.


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Hello world!

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