Single Shards

I think that crane man is a kind, giving person because he always tries his hardest to take care of tree-ear. An example of this was when they had the flounder thing and he broke his crutch trying or when he was trying to make a shoe for tree- ear and they where to small. Crane man is always trying his hardest but some times it just doesn’t work.

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This I believe

I believe that being happy makes you live a better, fuller life.  At my house one morning at 7:30, I heard a shrill, “We’re going to Paris! We’re going to Paris”!  I remembered that we were going to Paris for my sister’s 13th birthday. Aw man I said aloud not thinking. I thought to my self why do we have to go   I felt so cranky when I got up and we didn’t have any eggs or milk for cereal so I just ate bagel .We drove to the airport, it was a busy Friday, and I was tired.  When we got to our seats and sat down, I looked out the window as usual. Then in an instant we were off!

After that, I went to sleep for a long while when I woke up I messed around with the touch screen TV inside the seat in front of me.  I begged my mom to get a movie, but she said, “No “!

I saw the music button then I hit it and saw an album by Bob Marley and then I saw,   “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, I played it and it changed my day.   I went from being grumpy to happy as I heard the lyrics “ don’t worry be happy” over and over and what I thought would be the most boring trip ever turned out to be a really good time to bond with my sister and my family.

Another reason I believe that being happy makes you live a better life was when I was 10 we were playing an undefeated lacrosse team and my team and I were playing horribly.  The team had not scored a single point.  The score was 6-0 and it was half time.   I felt so bad because I was letting my team down although I tried my hardest but nothing happened.  We ended up losing 10-0!  I was mad, I was furious but my dad kept on telling me to keep my head up but I couldn’t. When I got home I went to my backyard and saw my sister out there.

I said, “What are you doing out here?”

She said,   “I’m going to the school I wanted to”!   That was a really big deal for her.  She smiled at me and seeing her so happy made me happy to. At our next game we won 13 to 2 against the second seat.

As you can see living happy makes you live a happy, fuller life.

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Single shards

        At school we are reading a book called single shards. Single shards is about a orphan boy in ancient Korea that is working for a potter named min. So far I have really liked the book I like how the author describes things. I also think that it is an interesting plot like how the boy lives under a bridge and how they live in a potters village. Overall I think its a great book and recommend it to kids over 8.

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Mac Books

         At school we are getting new computers called Mac book I am so excited to get them I have a mac at homes so I will now how to your it. I like mac books because there faster than the previous computers. I think its cool how you can make a mac much more personal like you can change your desktop with a few clicks of a button. I think it’s going to effect my learning by helping me study or help my typing I cant wait till next year.

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In this picture there are two Korean women diving for conchs. These women are going head first in to a sea of seaweed. These women are doing a rare thing for Korean people because this job is so dangerous. Its dangerous because the pressure of the water. This technique is dying so It’s rare to see it.

I picked this picture because I thought it was cool how the would go those depths just to get a rare conch shells. So I hope this       tradition will not dietradition will not die.


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Current Event: Greece

Title of article: Greece

Who: Greece’s debt

What: Greece’s debt went crashing down and the fate of the euro and Europe are in their hands.

When: In late 2009

Where: Greece

Why do we care: We care because Greece’s could come crashing down and Europe would be corrupt.


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Willy’s V.S Moe’s


When comparing two popular Mexican restaurants, Willy’s and Moe’s I believe that Willy’s wins. I think the ingredients taste fresher. I really like there lime, cilantro, and tomatoes at Willy’s. Personally I like Willy’s more because its closer to my house (I could even walk). Willy’s cheese dip is also better because it’s warm and creamy. Willy’s is clearly the winner.

Although Moe’s is less expensive it is still not as good as Willy’s. And their steak is also so much better.” WELCOME TO MOES” is nice but gets annoying really fast. Moe’s also has more calories in there food which means that Moe’s is making people larger. Moe’s might try but they will never be as good as Willy’s.

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Today at school we did activities where we had a company with 5 people in them. We made something called Parcoes. Parcoes are 3 by 5 pieces of paper with a 1 by 3 stripe colored blue from the end of the paper to the line and a red 1 by 1 square in the right hand corner held on by a paper clip. My group did very well. We all worked well with each other and got stuff done. Our company made 10 in 15 minutes and our strategy was like an assembly line. I think this activity was fun because my grade is really competitive and we all tried really hard. I think it would be really fun to do this activity again.



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Current Event:Tornado

Who: people in Illinois and Kansas


What: sever  tornado


When:Feb 29, 2012


Where: Illinois and Kansas


Why do we care: We care because it has killed 9 people and because many people are going to be left homeless cause there home was destroyed


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On Feb. 10 2012 my class and I went to a retirement home called Campbell stone. I met a really nice lady named Mrs. mason. Mrs. mason was a very exciting woman she has been to Holland, London, and Switzerland. I also think she is full of stories from when she was younger for example in the6th, 7th and 8th she had a teacher that she didn’t like and by the end of the year she loved her and when she was older she went to a nursing home and there she was. I had a great time and I hope to go back

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