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A Single Shard


I think that Tree- ear will go back to Min and tell him what happened and he will be so mad that he will fire him from working for him forever. I think this because the robbers broke both of the vases so there is nothing left for Tree-ear to give to them. And Min will be so mad he will fire him.

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I believe that you should always have determination. I feel this way because last year I was in Montana for Spring Break and I was not as good at skiing as my friends Melissa and Anna because the year before I did not go to Montana to go skiing. In Montana it was warm, some of the days and freezing the others. We skied through fresh fallen powder and cold, hard ice. I was really upset because I had never done a black diamond, or the hardest run, before, and they did 35 of them last year.  One of my best friends was there. She told me that I could do it if  I tried my hardest I can never fail.  I took that into consideration as I was skiing. Even though I fell more then they did, I tried as hard as I could to make it down the hills. During the week we kept doing even more black diamonds. I kept thinking about what Melissa said “if you try your hardest you can never fail”.  At the end of the trip me and Anna knew that what Melissa said was true because we had done 40 black diamonds and pushed ourselves to ski in blizzards and freezing cold weather. We went to the top of Lone Peak which is 11,166 feet and I skied off it!  I love these words because they are true because if you try your hardest and do the best you can do you can never fail. When I think back to that week I was happy and excited to go skiing but also nervous to do the black diamonds. I remember Melissa giving me a note the day before we left telling me that I would HAVE to do at least 1 black diamond with her, Anna, Mr. C, Mr. K, and my dad before we left Montana. It was a good experience for me because I got to do things that I would never had done if it was not for Melissa and Anna.  And also I had to learn to work through pain and push myself to do all the black diamonds with the rest of the group.

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A Single Shard


I think that Tree-Ear is a kind and hardworking person because when he is working for Min he does his best and try’s really hard to make Min happy. He also puts others before himself like when he got the coat and the pants he gave Crane-Man the coat because it did not fit Tree-Ear. Also Mins wife is very nice because she made Tree-Ear food and when Tree-Ear left his bowl on the ground she would fill it up with food.

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MacBook airs


I am excited to get a MacBook air because they are easy to use and very cool. I think that this will really good because I will not have to beg my mom to use her computer for homework. Also, it is a really good idea because it will teach us responsibility because we have to take care of them and treat them like it is ours. It is going to be easier to do homework because you can do it anywhere like in the car,at home, on a plane , anywhere. I want to learn how to be a better researcher.

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Current Events #2


Who: The country of Greece

What: They raised 1.625 billion euros to try to pay of their debt.

When: Tuesday,April 16th,2012

Where: Greece

Why do we care: Because Greece was about to go bankrupt.

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Chinese New Year


Performers celebrate in a Beijing park on Jan. 22 to mark the eve of the Chinese New Year.

I chose this picture because it was a happy and colorful parade celebrating the Year of the dragon. The people are all dressed up in costumes such as dragons and other traditional outfits. In the back ground people are throwing confetti and watching the dragon go by. Everybody looks happy and like they are having a lot of fun with family, friends, neighbors, and community members. On this day they all come together to celebrate.


Photograph by: Diego Azubel





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Uniforms vs. Non-Uniform


I think that children should not have to wear uniforms for two reasons. First, children will not be able to be in something that is comfy and something that makes them happy to wear.  Second, children like to show off their own individual and unique styles which they cannot do if they have uniforms. It also forces parents to spend more money on clothes and their non-uniforms are just sitting in the closet waiting for the weekend. The schools should at least have a dress code for non-uniforms.

I can see how people would say that uniforms are better for three reasons. First, schools think that all the kids will look the same so they will not get picked on because of what they wear. Second, it might make the school look nicer and more neat and proper. Third, Schools might try really hard to make their schools look nice and neat so they think having kids not wearing uniforms could mean kids wearing a sweat-shirt and sweat pants.

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Values Activity


In Values class we did an activity to test our group skills we were put into groups of 5 or 6 and made things called Parcoes. They are  3″ by 5″ pieces of paper. On the left side was a blue strip and in the right hand corner was a 1″ by 1″red square. They had to be exact or else we would not get credit for them. Once you made some you could trade them for more supplies.  My group included Charlie, Sarah Grace, Kate, and Drew. We worked pretty well together but we did not get that many because our squares were not even. In the end we had made 3 but we cashed in 1 for another ruler. This was a great learning experience because you got to work with people that you would not have worked with otherwise. I thought that I would not work good with Charlie and Drew but we all worked well together. And it was fun!


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Current Events #1


Title: High School shooting


Who:  Student T.J. Lane

What: A shooting at a High school

Where: Chardon, Ohio at Chardon High school

When: Monday February 27, 2012

Why: Because of being bullied

Why do we care: Because bulling sends people over the edge and makes them do bad things.

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My Campbell Stone Buddy


On Wednesday we went to Campbell Stone retirement community. We got in our base groups and got paired with a resadent. We went to their apartment and interviewed them. My buddy was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up there until 1971. He played hokey on the streets when the ground froze up. Also he played baseball. He has been here for 8 months and loves it here. Some things he does for fun are exercising and playing bingo. His first job was a mover. He had dogs growing up and his favorite color is blue. He loves Chinese food and his first car was a 1950 blue dodge. He did not go to collage.

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