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Dead Kindle


If you have ever read my blog you obviously know that I love reading books.  Only a couple of months ago did my kindle case break! (thanks Graham!)I just finished a really great book called Enders Game.  Last week I tried to turn on my kindle and again I saw lines, squares, and dots, my kindle started spazing out!  Suddenly it froze. I went to my brothers room and asked him, “Hey Ross what in the world is wrong with my kindle?!?”  He told me that my kindle had broke. :( I asked why and he said its because my kindle had been bent, and thats what happened to his first one.  That’s because I had no case!   I was really mad except for two things, #1 It was almost summer and I finished the bulk of my good books #2 I had just finished Enders Game, thankfully.  I am really bummed about my kindle breakingbecause I want to do lots of summer reading and hope to get a new one soon.

 <–   here is what it looked like

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Single Shard Response


 In Single Shard I think the main theme is perseverance.  Tree-Ear has to overcome and face his fears in order to get the pottery to the king in time.  One of those problems or fears that happen in this chapter is at night time, when a fox came out.  Tree-Ear has always been told that foxes are nasty, evil, dirty animals and if you look into their eyes they will lull you to their den and eat you.  When Tree-Ear settles in for bed he hears a noise, he stays calm, cool, and collected.  He refuses to look the fox in the eye and the fox leaves soon after. Tree-Ear had to face a true fear and he handled it very appropriately, even though he was panicked.  He is also very brave in this. Being brave is not about having no fears; it’s about facing your fears.

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This I Believe


I believe that you should care for any living thing.  A couple of months ago, I was in my kitchen talking to my nanny, we looked out my bright kitchen window into my backyard, there was something fluttering on the ground against the tree. It looked like a butterfly and it caught my eye, so I swiftly went outside. It was hot outside and I was burning, but I had to see this little “butterfly”. We thought it was a butterfly from when we were inside the house. When I got a closer look at it was not a butterfly at all, it was a bird!  I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed a shoebox to put the bird in. On the way outside I thought to myself maybe we could nurse it back to health or give it food and water.  We soon got the bird carefully in the box and examined it.  The bird had a massive tear down its back and was trying to flap its wings, I could not look, there was blood all over the bird.   The little ounce of hope still left in me vanished when my dad got home.  My dad buried it and ended its suffering.  The next day another bird hit a tree I went out to take a closer look at it.  It was not as bad as the other bird, but was lying on its back barley moving.  I started to worry I did not want it to turn out like the last one.  My dad got ready to bury the second bird, like the last time.  He was walking out the door when I stopped him.  I told him to give the bird an hour to try to live if it was not dead by then he could bury it.  My dad agreed and let the poor little bird stay.  An hour later we went outside and the bird was nowhere to be found!  I was surprised and ecstatic.  We rejoiced and I knew I had done something good, I had saved a life.  This made me feel really warm inside. I will always value this story and remember it for a long time.  Even though this happened this year I still learned a very valuable lesson, this taught me in life that you should care for any living thing no matter how big or small, this I believe.

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Single Shard


In class we are reading a book called Single Shard I’m writing this as if I am the main character, Tree Ear.  I still don’t know what Kang is up to with his secret pottery but I’m really curious.  I am glad that Crane Man finally took that coat, he needs the warmth more than I do.  I am glad that I’m workinng with the master potter, Min even though I have not made pottery before.  Today is the day when the emissary comes to town.  I found out what Kang was doing and now I am very nervous, what if Kang gets the money and not Min.  I feel that Min deserves the money more he is a better, more patient potter than Kang will ever be.

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6th grade macs


Next year in 6th grade I am getting a macbook air.  What I think will be awesome about it will be that you can customize it.  Unlike a p.c. it will be fast and efficient. I want to learn more about settings.  My own computer will help me with homework and entertainment I will be able to do so much more with a macbook air.I can’t wait for a macbook because it goes faster, I’m going to make lots of movies and I’m going to blog more with my own computer so stay tuned.


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Good Reads


Lately I have been reading lots of books.  It’s mostly because of my kindle, but not completely.  The problem with kindles and nooks is you can’t shop like you can in a real book store.  You don’t know what you want and what the latest and hottest book is.  Well I have found a solution to end everyone’s suffering.  Recently my friend from camp sent me an email about this great site called goodreads.com.  She told me about it and it turns out you recommend at least 20 books and the computer gives you recommendations about books that you might be interested in.  You can also write messages back and forth between your friends and rate books from 1 to 5.  When you rate a book it sends a note to all your friends saying that you read that book and you rated it a certain amount of stars.  This website has changed my book reading.  Finally there are no more spending hours to find the perfect book.  Finally a solution. 


here is the good reads website link: http://www.goodreads.com/

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California Student Pepper Sprayed!


My article is about occupy Wall Street and how a peaceful protestor got pepper sprayed for protesting.  The victim was a University of California student. The officer who sprayed the student is now placed on administrative leave.  What made me want to write about this article is how it made me feel and it really makes you wonder what the student did to make the police officer spray him. The way the picture was taken makes me feel like I am in it ducking behind the student’s back.  It happened sometime this year.  I think the police officers should have stopped and not pepper sprayed, because the students were peacefully protesting like martin Luther king jr.  It also kind of scares me to think that police would do that.

The caption looks like this: In a now infamous act, a University of California at Davis police officer pepper-sprays students protesting in solitary  with Occupy Wall Street.




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Greece Current Events


Who: Greek prime minister

Where: Greece

When: Now

What: the Greek prime minister wants to hold a snap election to help fix the economy

Why do we care?: we care because if Greek’s economy gets better maybe they could help us and we would grow a better economy also we want Greece to get out of debt because they might export better things withe a better economy

my article

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Hunger Games Movie vs Books


As many of you know the hunger games premiere was on March 23.  In my opinion the books are better than the movie.  I love the movie but the books I think are better.  Most people watched the movie without reading the books. I think if you haven’t already read the books, you should get a head start and read the other books catching fire, and mocking jay.  They are soon to be making these other movies, exciting right?  I think most people love the Katniss character because she is strong, independent, and doesn’t need a man’s help like most other female characters, like twilight or snow white.  Most girls look up to Katniss as a perfect role model because she has all good qualities like being brave or courageous. Katniss has many reasons why she is so great she took place for her sister in the hunger games, she took care of Rue a younger tribute and she is never afraid to help a friend even if it means getting hurt.

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Science Blog Post


For spring break I went to deer valley in Utah. I was in ski school the whole week except for the last day. My dad picked me up from ski school the last day so we could ski together. We went up a ski lift called Viking and we could barely see the lift in front of us. This was the peak of the mountain and it was totally white! My dad said it was called a white out, and we were in the clouds literally. We needed to get off the mountain fast because the wind was really hard and cold on my face. Plus you could get hit by another skier very easily. We scurried off the lift and down the mountain. It was such a cool experience even though it really freaked me out. It made me feel like I was in heaven or something because I could only make out shapes a few feet ahead of me. I wondered how people long, long ago lived in these conditions and what they thought it might be; maybe they thought it was a blessing from the heavens or something.  It also made me wonder what would happen if you were stuck up there.  The view was still amazing and I had a wonderful time skiing in a white out!

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