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Christmas Puppy!


We have one dog but lately have been thinking about getting a smaller dog.  We have an Australian shepherd.  His name is Thunder, we go to these cleaners who have a dog who attracts customers named snow he’s white and small and very cute.  We asked them what type he was?  They told us he was a multipoo.  They also said they got him in Texas :(.  We were not about to drive to Texas but Tennessee we could do.  My dad found two multipoos in Tennessee! (Oh yeah did I mention my mom doesn’t know!) The dog’s names are Africa and Apricot.  We don’t really like those names so we wanted to re-name it.  I suggested snoop dog but no wan wanted that either.  My dad said this Wednesday we can go to Tennessee and pick them out! (they are both girls.)   I’m so excited and can’t wait please if you have and good dog names for girls leave a comment.  And wish me luck!!!!!

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“Christmas Puppy!”

  1. December 26th, 2011 at 11:34 am       katwa1213 Says:


    We told my mom we would pick it up on Wednesday but my sister still did not know. On Wednesday my dad and I drove all the way to Tennessee to find out that both puppies were sick. We went home because she did not think they would make it. Two days later my dad got a text from the lady saying they were perfect and we happened to be in Tennessee watching my brother wrestle at his tournament in Tennessee. We all told my sister we were going home when really we were heading towards the pups. We finally got there but apricot died so there was only Africa. We picked her up and went home she is 8 weeks old small, playful, and all black. We thought about naming her Pepper and till my brother suggested Dixie like the band. We all agreed and now she lives with us and is very happy.

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