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Title: Internet ‘may be changing brains’

Source: BBC News, October 19, 2011,

Who: The Internet and social networking sites

What: More than 100 university students brains were scanned. Some researchers think that the Internet may be increasing the amount of grey matter in people’s brains. They also think that teens may be making more friends in the virtual world than in the real world.

When: Currently and ongoing.

Where: The students brains who were scanned are from London, but this is happening all over the world.

Why do we care: We care because we want to have a healthy brain. We also want to monitor how long we are on the Internet so these kinds of things won’t happen to us.

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  1. natwa1213 Says:

    Mikala, What an interesting blog! My mom was actually reading an article on this subject in Parade Magazine the other day. Guess we are really wired and addicted to our electronic devices. I don’t know if it changes our brain, but research says it does. Am I going to stop playing Tiny Tower on my phone…NO WAY!!

    -nathalie :-)

  2. megmc1213 Says:

    I like your curent events a lot, because its unique not something to do with war and injury. I’m glad I’m not on the Internet too much and I don’t think I have any friends on the Internet that I don’t see in real life a lot. I do not want my brain to be unhealthy at all and thanks for warning me. Do you know if it would effect you as much if you are doing homework?

  3. Kate C Says:

    Mikaela your blog post was very interesting and it makes me not want to be on the internet as much. Also what do you mean when you said their brains were scanned?

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