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Girls vs Boys?

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Can separating boys and girls in school help them learn better? Is it important for girls and boys to learn how to work together in school? There is no right answer to this question, it is something people have been in a debate about for a long time.

In math class, Mrs. Eyles is researching the answer to this hot topic question by seating you, her 5th grade students, in gender groups. During this time you have worked on math assignments and projects in groups of your same gender. We want to know what you think about same gender groups; since you have worked in math this way for several months.

Do you like sitting in same gender groups? Why or why not? (be specific!) Do you like it better in just math, or do you wish all of your classes would seat you in same gender groups? Why or why not? Do you think schools should all be same gender schools or should schools have mixed genders? Why or why not?

We look forward to reading your comments!


  • I really dont care where I sit, i really dont mind sitting with girls or boys. I dont have a reason for not caring. So, in the end, I really dont care where I sit.


  • I like sitting with the same gender groups better because it makes me feel more relieved that no one will bother me and I am free to ask any question to my friend that I want. I also like same gender groups better because whenever it comes time for partners you don’t have to go anywhere. I most definitely like sitting with same genders because usually all your other gender partner or table works on is work. What I’m meaning to say is there’s barely any time for laughs. Last but not least, I don’t think that schools should be separated by genders ,but sometimes even in other classes besides Math its good to sit only with your own gender. Thats why I like sitting with same gender groups better.

  •   dreba1213
    January 27th, 2012 at 1:25 am    Reply

    I think sitting with the same gender has some ups and downs. I think a positive would be trying not to talk about the stuff your gender usually talks about like me and x always talk about wresting. So I like the competition of resisting the urge to talk. A disadvantage is when we work together we talk all the time and have think the same way. So I like sitting with mixed gender because boys and girls usually think different and we come up with more ideas. Also when you try talking about wrestling with them they are like what ever. I think we should have no classes because it is also good for boys and girls to work together.

  •   madaa1213
    January 27th, 2012 at 1:39 am    Reply

    I prefer to sit with your gender (girls) at math. I like it because if you need help you can ask them to help you with the question. Usually boys just give the answer to you and don’t fully explain it. Also, I think that it is easy to concentrate with girls. Sometimes boys joke around and play together during a lesson. That makes me really frustrated because I am trying to learn and they are distracting me. Although I don’t like sitting with opposite gender in math, it is fine in other subjects. I think that is because in math you have to really pay attention to every detail to get the material. In other subjects you can just be told what to do and understand. I think that this topic is very interesting and I cannot wait to see if it makes a difference. – Madison

  •   irech1213
    January 27th, 2012 at 2:18 am    Reply

    I think we should switch from time to time. Since then we would work with our best buddies, but also we would also with our opposite genders. for example, girls might work better with their same genders. Since they are very calm, and don’t try to roughhouse their way to victory, but try to make as much sense out their ideas as they can, and think logically. Also, even though they might work well together, they might all have the same ideas and would need something new.
    Now on he other hand, boys are the more energetic. And would all have different and very creative ideas so they would have a big a variety to choose from. but, they might have a hard time choosing. So once in a while you could put them together and the boys will give you an idea, and the girls will work it out.

  •   marwh1213
    January 27th, 2012 at 2:25 am    Reply

    I like working with my gender but the other gender is a little distracting sitting in the front. I like sitting scattered around in the other classes but in math I like sitting with my gender because I can stay on tack. I think that schools should be different genders so that we can work well with each other for when we grow up and work together. Also we might should mix it up once in a while so we know who we can work with and who we can’t work with because we all may haven’t worked together.

  •   Ben's Backflip Blog
    January 27th, 2012 at 2:29 am    Reply

    I like having it where boys sit together and girls sit with each other. If you mess up in front of your friends, you don’t get laughed at. If you are in front of girls you will. I feel less pressure when boys and girls are separated. Boys and girls are competitive. Boys are a little less competitive without girls. This will teach boys and girls to socialize separately.

  • I like sitting with the same gender for many reasons. I like it because sometimes boys, don’t want to listen to girls. So, if you are working in a group that could be a problem. Also, I don’t feel as distracted with girls. I think we should be with just girls or just boys. Maybe we could occasionally switch off, because if you’re with a boy maybe you really don’t want to talk. I think that all my classes could switch off some. Such as, one month all girls and boys, and another month mixed up. You don’t always want it to be the boring, same thing! I do not think there should be all boy schools or all girl schools. I think having mixed gender gives you more of a school experience. Also, you are going to have to know what other people (not your gender) how they act.

  •   ellco1213
    January 27th, 2012 at 9:39 pm    Reply

    I like sitting in genders tables in math because its easier to focus. The girls at my table are good friends of mine and dont call me stupid and support me even if I get something wrong. I can alwasy ask them for help if there is something I don’t understand. Also, with boys at your table it easier to get distracted and off topic.

    I also really like sitting with mixed gender. I think that if boys and girls are seperate all the time everything can turn into one big competition of who is smarter and awesomer than who. Boys and girls should be able to mingle and become friends. Some times its a lot of fun to have boys at your table because they can make you laugh and they can turn into really good friends. Personally, I would HATE to go to an all girl school because you wouldnt have the mixture of school and everything would be sooo much different.

  • Well in math class one boy and one girl sit at my table. So I can’t really answer the question about liking sitting with the same gender, but if I did sit with all girls I think I might like that. I think I’d like it because it would be a nice change from sitting with boys in all my other classes. I like it sitting in gender groups in math but I also like sitting with boys too because when you are with the opposite gender you have a smaller urge to talk during class. I also think that schools should have mixed genders so you have a chance to get used to the opposite gender and not think that they have cooties or something like that.

  • I personally don’t care who I sit with but others might have different opinions. I think you normally have more things in common with the same gender thats why you talk more. That’s why I think schools should be mixed. Although sometimes it’s good to switch off with the same gender and mixed. I think maybe one of your classes should be the same gender, that way you don’t always disruppt the class.

  • I like sitting in groups based on your gender, but I don’t think I would like it in every class because when I am separated by gender it can be hard to meet people. Although I am glad we do that in math because it helps me concentrate more because sometimes in math the boys can be distracting. I also think sometimes if boys are with their same gender they try to show off and so it might be better for them if they sat with girls.

  • I like sitting with my own gender, but I don’t think i would want to do that in each class. I think that hen you are separated by your own gender it can be a problem because you can’y really learn about them. Although in math it is good to sit with my own gender because sometimes the boys can be distracting, but I guess it isn’t a bad idea for some girls to sit with some boys because they will try to show off and they just end up in trouble.

  •   chlpa1213
    January 28th, 2012 at 5:13 pm    Reply

    I like sitting with girls for very many reasons. First, I feel I focus more. The boys are always fooling around. For instance, two boys in my class are always distracted. They fight over pencils and cut up their papers. If I was sitting next to one of them I would freak! Also, I feel that girls think alike each other. They work at the same speed. When girls need help they can just ask the others because they most usually know how to help. Last, I feel everyone feels more cofortable with their own gender. You don’t feel as silly when you mess up too. I would like to continue to sit in gender spots.

  •   katgr1213
    January 28th, 2012 at 5:39 pm    Reply

    I would rather have mixed gender groups. Over the past couple of years I have learned that I work really well with boys, but I get along with girls too. I think that it is important that we learn how each other think. Also, sitting with mixed genders makes you learn how other genders act. I think that we should have mixed genders.

    – Kate :)

  • I think having boys and girls separated have the good times and the bad times. For me I think boys work better together and the girls work better together because they can concentrate more and that leads to working better together. Sometimes boys tend to talk more than the girls but boys stop talking when the teacher says to stop talking.

  •   pethu1213
    January 30th, 2012 at 1:41 am    Reply

    I like sitting in gender groups because I feel more comfortable asking questions. I also think that at this stage in our childhood we work better with people that are our gender. Even if a people start talking, someone who doesn’t talk a lot can tell them to be quiet.

    On the other hand, I think we should work with other genders because we need to learn how to work with everyone. I think that if we didn’t work with other genders we wouldn’t want to work with them for the rest of our lives.

    Overall, I think that we should sit and do most of our work with our gender, but do some of our work with opposite gender. That way we learn the material better, but we also learn to work with the opposite gender.

  • I sometimes like sitting in gender-specific groups and other times not so much. I like it when you work with your same gender group because you work well with them. Also you trust your gender more because usually you are friends with your gender. However, work becomes more challenging and less productive as a whole class. I do not like it when you are working in a mixed group. In my experience, the boys usually team up together and the girls are sometimes second-guessed. You are second-guessed because the boys usually don’t trust you as much as their own gender. The good side to this is that it is easier to concentrate and it isn’t as loud.


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