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The Milner Award

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Today (10-27-10) the whole trinity 5th grade went to the World Congress Center to see the presentation of the Milner Award to Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the first two books in The Kane Chronicles series, and the first two books in The Heroes of Olympus series. The Milner Award is an award in which the winner is chosen by Atlanta kid’s votes only. This year Rick Riordan won the majority of the votes. Rick came on stage to talk about his books before the award was presented to him. He talked about haw he became an author. He also talked about how he got the idea to write his books. The award was then presented to him, and we all left to go back to school.


Friday, October 14th, 2011

My essential question is “Why was cuneiform an inefficient system of writing? I picked this because it still affects our culture today. It affects our culture because the Latin alphabet we use today evolved from the Phoenician alphabet that was adopted instead of cuneiform.

There are many reasons why cuneiform was inefficient. First, there were hundreds of symbols. Because of this very few people could write. If you wanted to write, you had to train almost your entire life. People who could write were called scribes. Second, each culture had its own style of cuneiform. This sometimes made it hard to communicate with other cultures through writing. Third, a symbol could have up to thirty wedges on it. One symbol might take a while to write. Last, since a symbol could have so many wedges on it, one might mistake one symbol for another one. If one was reading cuneiform they might read something that made absolutely no since to them. As you can see, cuneiform was a very unproductive way of writing.

While studying for this project I learned that there were many types of cuneiform I also learned that one symbol could have thirty wedges. I think that I did a good job on this project. I think I could have studied a little more, but other than that I think I did well.

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My Granddad

Friday, October 14th, 2011

My granddad is a very fun person. He always likes to joke around. He likes to come to my athletic events to “watch me mess up”. He is very hard on me trying to make me do my homework. I play violin, and he loves to listen to me play. He became almost bald by thinking too hard.


Thursday, October 6th, 2011

On October 6th, 2011 the 5th grade went to the Carlo’s museum. This is a museum with many ancient artifacts from places like Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia. My favorite was probably a mummy that was wrapped in linen. I think it was the only wrapped mummy in the museum that was not in a coffin. It was bought by a man who was in the Egypt area on a buying trip. The mummy’s head has a fake jaw bone, and his head has been rewrapped. His head rests on a new head rest. I had a great time and think the Carlo’s museum is a very good place to be.

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