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Jan 27 2012

Steve Jobs

Published by under Uncategorized Steve Jobs Died on October 5th, 2011. The article above is about his life and death. It talks about his pancreatic cancer, something he had had for many years. It complements him on creating and improving three fields, the personal computer, the ipod, and the iphone. “Those of us who have been fortunate enough […]

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Jan 20 2012

Homeless Bird

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If I were Koly at this point in the book I would probably run away. Being stuck with a mother-in-law like Sass would make me extremely unhappy. I would sell my silver earrings and buy a train ticket. I would not go back home because it would cause my family much dishonor. I would go […]

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Jan 03 2012

Gifts of Time

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This holiday season I gave many gifts of time. First, I helped my mom decorate the house. We have many decorations to put up and some times it can be difficult. Next, I helped my dad assemble the trampoline my siblings and I got for Christmas. It would have been hard to assemble by one’s […]

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