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Current Event PlayStation Vita

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012



What:Sony has released a new gaming device that is lighter and smaller than the preceding Sony portable gaming device, the PSP.

When:February 22, 2012 in America

Where:All over the world, all on different dates.

How/Why:Sony’s PSP was not very portable and was not a very good device in comparison to the Vita.

Why should we care: The PlayStation Vita has a touch screen surface on the front and on the back, two cameras, and is overall a very good gaming devise.

Campbell Stone

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The Trinity fifth graders have gone to Campbell Stone twice so far this year. Campbell Stone is a retirement home in Atlanta. When we went there, each base group was paired with a buddy. Our buddy was very interesting. She was a cheerleader, and she used to babysit. She loves to play BINGO, and she plays it as much as she can. When she moved to Campbell Stone, the only apartment that was available was on the eleventh floor. When another apartment became available, her son offered to get it for her. She declined because she liked the view of the sunset she from her window, and she could see Stone Mountain. Our buddy was a very fun person to meet.

Homeless bird

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Some bird images from Homeless Bird are the homeless bird from Tagore’s poem book and the birds Koly saw in the cages at the marketplace. These birds and Koly are alike in some ways. Koly is stuck in a cage for a very long time and is only being used, like the birds from the marketplace. Koly is also homeless like the bird from the poem, searching for a place to belong. Overall, I think that a bird is a very good thing to use as a simile or a metaphor in this book.

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