Today the Trinity fifth graders did a cooperative working activity in values. We were divided into twelve groups, or companies, and were instructed to pick a team CEO, a team name, and a salesperson. Our team name was Parcalogical We then had five three-minute working periods and five three-minute planning periods to make Parcoes. Parcoes are 3 by five inch pieces of paper with a blue 1 inch wide blue band on the left side and a 1 by 1 inch square of colored-red paper clipped onto the top right corner. The team with the most Parcoes in the bank at the end of the activity won. It was the salesperson’s job to bring Parcoes to the bank.  We had to get the Parcoes checked by the teachers before we could deposit them in the bank. We could also trade Parcoes in for more supplies. I think this activity was helpful and taught us how to work together better. My group got only one done. I think this was because we were rushing and not getting Parcoes done correctly, and then wasting our time getting them checked. Some groups did better than us because they did not rush.

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