Current Event

Title- Greek soccer fans act out at a match.


Who- Greek soccer fans of teams Panathinaikos and Olympiakos.

What- Greek soccer fans clash with police at rival soccer game.

When- Sunday, April 15, 2012.

Where- Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece.

Why do we care- This event and many others show that if you get angry and act poorly about the results of a game you will be punished.



3 Responses to “Current Event”

  1. gradi1213 Says:

    Peter I really like your articale. But I have two questions did they ever catch them or did they ever go to jail. I think they should go to jail and be fined for destroying property. I always wonder whats going on in these peoples mind what horrible thing would drive them to so much maddness.

  2. katherine Says:

    First off I like that you did not pick a topic on the debt crises because I know it is hard to find an article that doesn’t have to do with it. Also, It was a very interesting and not typical article. It much more enjoyable to listen to your article after hear so much about the debt crises.

  3. annpa1213 Says:

    Peter I really like the article you chose. I can not believe that people would tear apart the track. It astonishes me that 20 police men were harmed and injured there. Also, I wonder if everyone who damaged the track was punished. It’s crazy that the people also tore up the seats and burned back of the scoreboard. I’m glad that I got to read your article.

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