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A Single Shard

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

I think that what is happening right now in A Single Shard is interesting. I don’t fully understand what Kang did, but I wonder why Kim didn’t commend him. He may have had some things wrong with his vessel but if was a totally new idea that even Tree-ear thought was beautiful then I think it deserves some attention. I wonder what would happen if Kim might give both Kang and Min commissions. Would they work together, or would they work alone? In my opinion, they would work alone. If Min does get a commission will he try Kang’s new technique, or would he need help from Kang? If Min did do it would he be able to do it better than Kang? I think that Min might have an idea about Kang’s technique, but he probably wouldn’t know exactly how to do it because Kang didn’t tell anyone. I also wonder who they are trying to work for. Is it the emperor of China, or someone from Korea?

MacBook Airs

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I think that getting a MacBook Air will have some ups. First, right now Trinity School does not have a very good network. The Internet is slow if there are too many people online at once. Sometimes a page will not load at all. The MacBook Airs will improve the network at school. Next, there are many little tricks that you can do with them. There are lots of different finger swipes that you can use to do different things. There are different settings that you can change to make your computer better.     There will also be some downs to having MacBook Airs. First, they sometimes can be very slow. Sometimes the internet can crash even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Next, they can be annoying and you can do things you don’t mean to do. You might accidentally click with the wrong amount of fingers and do the wrong thing. Basically, I think that having a MacBook Air will be good but mainly bad.

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