MacBook Airs

Next year at Trinity School the 5th and 6th graders are getting MacBook Airs. I am excited to get the computers so I can always keep my stuff in my own computer. I also feel responsible enough to be carrying around a really important device. I think the Macs will affect our learning and our school work by keeping all of my material organized and personalized my way to help my style of learning. Also, it will help us learn new ways to research, type, take notes, and explore the internet. When I get my Mac, I want to learn to become better at making iMovies and learn how to use Garage Band. I also want to learn to use Key Notes.  I am very excited to get my own MacBook Air.

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Why School Days at Trinity School should be Shorter

The School Day at Trinity School should be Shorter

                In my opinion, school days at Trinity should be shorter. One reason is because we don’t get a lot of time at home. At home we get to study, have family time, and relax, and at school we don’t get to have that freedom. Another reason the school day should be shorter is that sometimes there is too much time to fill, even for the teachers. Sometimes teachers don’t know what to do with the students, and they end up spending more time on unnecessary activities. Also, a school day that is too long can exhaust the students. It leaves us tired and our brains finished, and we still have homework. In some cases, shorter school days can actually benefit the children.


Some teachers would argue that the eight hours we spend in school every day is just fine. Some teachers would say that school is a time to bond with peers. However, school isn’t the only place to be with friends. We can see them at home, restaurants, or other places. Also, opponents say that if we had extra time to study at school we can ask the teacher questions. But if the school day is cut, and we can go home early, finish homework early, have more study time, and ask questions via the internet. Another argument would be that in longer days, we have more time to learn a wider variety of topics. I would argue that students could do independent projects at school instead of cramming everything into school. While some people like the amount of school time, I still think that shorter school days could be more beneficial.

Sasha Fuson

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The Liberation of Gabriel King

My favorite character so far in this book is Frita because she is spunky and adventurous, and she likes a lot of the same kind of things as me, like exploring, running, and doing risky things. We are also both really fast, and like to show that off. Also, we both stand up for our friends.

What interests me in the book is the how Frita and Gabe are going to tackle all of Gabe’s fears to move up to the 5th grade. I think they are going to go down the list that Gabe made and make him not scared anymore, and end with Duke.

Some of my questions are, how do you make someone feel differently about something that they already feel strongly about, like a fear? And when would you know that that emotion has totally disappeared?

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Ode to Leo (my dog)

Oh, Leo

How you run
to me each day

With total

How you
engulf me in your soft fur

When you sit
on my lap

And sleep so

How you look
at me

With your
big round eyes

And ask for
my friendship

When I’m
around you,

I hear the

Of a true

I smell your

Puppy scent

That fills
my nose with happiness

I see your
perfect brown eyes,

Your long,
wavy ears,

Your damp
brown nose

I feel your
warm body

with silky red fur

That looks
and feels like a burning fire


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My Future

I have a lot of likes that have nothing to do with eachother, and this is why I am so crazy. My friend and I have a lot of similar likes, and here is what we would like to be when we grow up:
We want to own a big stable, each of us owning 1 or 2 horses, and we would give riding lessons. Also,in our spare time, we would write stories together and try to get them published. We would also train Border Collies and enter them in agility trials for prize money. We would probably have a house either in or near the barn, and the house will be respectable-size. My horse will be a Fresian, and hers will be a big brown Clydesdale. Maybe we will have some ponies, for the riding lessons. What we are still uncertian about is if we will have our house in Holland or Georgia. Also, in the barn, we will have a giant art studio with every possible art supplies out there. We will also sell our paintings. But, before I make this, I will need to work up some money to make it happen by finding the right job for me. (I don’t know what that will be yet.)

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Current Events #2!

When: Today (Wednesday, October 26 2011)

Where: Ercis, Turkey

Who: Gozde Bahar, a 27-year-old teacher and Eyup Erdem, an 18-year-old kid

What: Two survivors (names above)  were pulled out of 7.2-magnitude earthquake rubble in Turkey.

Why Do We Care: We care because we care about others and not just ourselves. The earthquake killed at least 471 people, so we should be happy that anybody got out. Also, maybe we have relatives in Turkey that could have been harmed. Although many are sad, people in the area are still trying to find people buried in the rubble.



Found At:

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Shout Out to Soldiers

For a couple days in school we have been writing letters to soldiers. I think it was very thoughtful to do that and if I was a soldier out at sea with nothing to do but talk, practice things and do push ups, I would probably cry if I got a letter from someone. I would be so happy! This is what I was thinking as I wrote these. If there are any soldiers that just-so-happen to be reading this, I want to say thank you and that I  know that everyone appreciates what you are doing. Thank you. Also, if you do read this, let me just say that would be SUPER COOL!

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Current Events

Who: A group of young entrepreneurs from Kenya

What: A new athletics brand called “Kourage Athletics”

When: People are currently making the sports wear

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

Why do we care: We care because soon we can have new shirts and shorts (and they are hoping to sell shoes) here from Kenya. The makers say that they are not cheap, but the material is very soft. The makers of Kourage Athletics say that they will ship them anywhere in the world, and that they are hoping to out do Nike!

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Mesopotamia Project

My essential question was “why did Hammurabi create the code?”. I chose this question because I wanted to teach myself to look beyond the obvious. If you asked someone this question, they would answer “because he wanted to control the empire.” Well, everyone knows that. But there are many other reasons why, and finding those made my project much better.

Through my research I learned that Hammurabi created the laws so that the Babylonians will create bonds with each other.                      The paragraph from the website:

            The purpose of the Code of Hammurabi was to use political power to create common bonds among the diverse people of the society.  It greatly influenced a total dependence on the power of their one ruler, and it was a conscious effort to exalt the king as the source, the only source, of earthly powers.  It unified the empire by offering the standards for moral values, class structure, gender relationships, and religion.  It was the most important of all Mesopotamian contributions to civilization.                                I also learned that Hammurabi carved the laws on the stone for a reason.                                                                                                               The paragraph from the website (s):

The Code of Hammurabi is significant because its creation allowed men, women, slaves, and all others to read and understand the laws that governed their lives in Babylon. 

The code was carved upon a black stone monument, eight feet high, and clearly intended to be reared in public view. 

Through my research I learned many things, but the coolest was probably that Hammurabi created the code for many reasons. When I started researching I expected to only find an answer like “to help rule his empire”. But, I found a lot more answers than that. I found my answers pretty easily and didn’t have too much trouble. I found what I needed, but I would like it more if I could have found more information, I had to fill up the extra room with pictures. Other than that, I had a lot of fun and LOVED making the project. (Well, then again, I always like projects.)

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