Post Number One

I feel sad  because Buds an orphan because his mom died and his dad left  the mom to take care of Bud. Bud doesn’t have anyone to look out for him .  Bud doesn’t have a lot of food. Sometimes he doesn’t eat for two whole days! I can’t go with out eating for 4 hours I can’t imagine going for two whole days. Bud also  doesn’t have a bed to sleep on. He has to sleep on the hard ground . Bud is a good kid and is also really funny and he is always looking at the glass half full instead of half empty.Bud is funny because he  over exaggerates and gets a lot of things mixed up like when he said a silver bullet could kill a vampire instead of a warewolf.

Christopher Paul Curtis does a good job making us have mixed up emotion in Bud Not Buddy. Sometimes he makes us feel Sad and Happy at the same time.Like when Bud ran away from the Amoses it was sad that he had no food or no water but it was happy that he ran away from the Amoses because they where bad people.  He also makes you feel like your there in the book. When Bud was in the shed he was describing it and it felt like your were there with Bud.  Christopher Paul Curtis also does a good job making the book exciting. Like when Bud was crawling on the ground  because he doesn’t want cars to see him. Then the car stopped and Lefty found him. Christopher Paul Curtis did a really good job writing Bud not Buddy.