Rules And Laws in Mesopotamia

Rules and Laws were a big part of the Mesopotamian s community. I was wondering how Hammurabi made a successful community . I choose this topic because  I like learning about how our community works. Also  because laws are very important to our life’s and with out laws and rules every one would be out of control and everyone would do there own thing. Also rules and laws helps the presidents and mayors keep everyone in line.

Hammurabi is very important because he made all the laws in Mesopotamia. Also he had to make the laws very harsh laws and strict punishments because Hammurabi doesn’t want anyone to break the laws.The laws had punishments that hurt that person that did something wrong. They would cut of your ear,eye ,hand ,or even kill you. The laws were put on a big podium that they put in important public places like churches, and neighborhoods . Hammurabi made the community better because he made people fallow the laws so Mesopotamia was very well organized town. A lot of people in Mesopotamia  fallowed the laws because they didn’t want to get hurt. Hammurabi didn’t make all the laws though some people help him like the priest, military officers, and people who had a lot of money.

In this project I learned a lot about the laws in Mesopotamia and a lot about Hammurabi s Code.I learned that Hammurabi did a great job making a good and organized community because he made the punishments harsh so no one would break them.  Also in this project it was very challenging because I was sick one day and I had to do my project and it was due the next day. But I was also given a lot of time and I catch up in no time. But the best part was when I finished my physical project because it made me feel so good that I finally finished.Also it was also really easy finding all my information because their was a lot information on Hammurabi s Code.  I also learned that the Rules and Laws in Mesopotamia are a lot different then our laws today.



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This Week

We finally finished the book Bud, Not Buddy! It’s about an orphan named Bud who gets sent to a foster home and runs away. He finds his friend and decides to go out west with him. Bud misses the train but his friend gets on.He decides to try to find his father. He gets a ride to his father from a complete stranger and finds his dad! It’s one of my favorite books and I recommend it to you. We are now doing a project on the book.

In some other classes we are mixing up into boy girl classes to see if it’s going to work. So far it is working out well for the girls but I don’t know about the boys. In P.E we are doing invasion games like capture the flag,soccer, team hand ball, and ultimate Frisbee. It’s very fun and also very loud.

Also this week at are school we have a important person at our school . His name is Alpan Hong he is a famous piano player that takes the time out of his week  not only to come play the piano but also teach kids to play piano better! He is going to come back in the Spring to do a concert at our school and have some children be in it to and some parents! In music we are doing traditional songs and dances from Japan. We are learning to also play the songs on the recorder! Also this week we are doing a project about Mesopotamia in Social Studies. We got our groups and got a topic and we are researching and making projects about our topic.  We had a great week this week I can’t wait for next week I hope it will be even better!