Peruvian Food

Top 11 freaky and weird things I ate or drank in Peru

11) Potatoes every night – Peru has over 5,000 different types of potatoes – big, little, purple red, bumpy, hairy, and anything else you can think of…

10) Dried Lima Beans – a snack that kids eat like potato chips

9) Chicha – A purple corn drink

8) Inka Cola – A yellow like soda

7) Pisco Sour – a drink that is very sour that is made with egg whites

6) Quinoa – a grain that looks like little worms are in it

5) Calf’s Heart – Tastes like chewy beef

3) Alpaca – Like a llama but with longer hair

2) Piranha – Caught by me :)

1) Guinea Pig – Kind of sweet like barbecue, sometimes served with the entire body on a stick, teeth included


On Christmas break I went to Peru. Peru is an amazing place with breathtaking monuments. You may not realize Peru also has the most crazy food. The Incas are one of the first people who settled or called Peru home. Then the Spanish who wanted the land, gold, silver, and money in Peru went to war with the Incas.  The Incas used the gold and silver not for money but for decoration. The land around them was the  most valuable thing to them.  The Incas had a lot ways to try to defeat the Spanish like flooding the battle grounds and they also tried burning down their own villages to stop their enemies.  Unfortunately, the eventually lost to the Spanish.

Gift of Time

For my gift of time I did two amazing things. The first thing I did was write holiday letters to people in the hospital. Our class did it because some of the patients can’t be at their house for the holidays or with their families. I hope that they got our letters and when they opened them they got a big smile on their face. I also hope that they get out of the hospital soon and they get to spend the next holiday with their family.

The secound thing I did was in Peru I brought joy to childern by talking to them, playing with them, and giving them small gifts. In Peru they have a little bit of money and can’t afford a lot of things such as small toys for Christmas, not being able to go to school, and not having a roof over their heads. In Peru I met people from 2-81 who were so greatful for what they got and what their childern got. My family gave away over 150 toys in Peru. After doing this I realized that they enjoyed the conversation with me and my broken spanish more than the gift.

I am so gald that I helped out so many different people on winter break. I learned whether you are rich or poor you can still have a great Christmas.