What Teachers Do Outside of School

At Trinity School, in Atlanta Georgia , students have been wondering what their teacher does after school. Severeal Trinity teachers were interviewed to see what kind of lives they have after school , on the weekend, and Throughout the year.

Trinity Teachers don’t just teach, they enjoy an active life outside of school. They appreciate participating in a lot of activities just like kids.  Ms. Johnston, a fifth grade teacher, says “I like to walk around my neighborhood with my dogs and I love to read the Hunger Games as much as I can. Also I enjoy to sit down and watch T.V. on my DVR.”

Some teachers prefer to lay low, by  resting and taking it easy.  Mrs. Pam, a 3’s teacher, at Trinity School,  “I like to  exercise by walking my dog every day around the neighborhood and going to the gym. I also prefer to cook dinner for my husband, she explains their favorite meal is chicken. I also adore reading for fun.”

Many teachers are  busy after school. For example, they are always doing something in their free time. Ms. Smith the world languages teacher. Ms. Smith “I walk my dog around the park in my neighborhood. I cook dinner every night if I’m  not out with my friends .One of my hobbes is to run I run around the Bobby Jones golf course with my friends. Every Monday I have Bible study after school with Ms. Walker.  I like to babysit kids early in the summer before I go on vication. In the summer I enjoy going to Africa with some of my co-teachers at Trinity School. Throughout the year I’m outside in the pool swimming. My favorite thing  to do after school is to read. I am in really into books about Africa.

Many teachers do the same activities and share the same hobbies after school. For example, most teacher loves to exercize, hit the gym, take walks with friends around their community. Teachers also love to spend time with their friends and family. Our P.E coach, Justin Cahill Explains “I get home as soon as possible to play with my three kids. I play kickball and other sports outside with my two sons. I  also loves to play barbies with my daughter.” Another thing teachers have in common is that they love to read. Teachers love to read The Hunger Games and other exciting books.

Teachers love to do other things and not teach all the time. Teachers and studentsare very similar.They both like to exercise, kids like to play sports and run outside. Teachers like to walk with their friends and walk their dogs. Teachers and students also enjoy spending time with their family and friends either on the weekends or after school. They both love to read similar books like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter. Either way Teachers and students are not as different as you might have thought they were.


Drew and Sophie