Photo Journalism




This picture is of a street of Kolkata, India that is crowded with people.  This picture is taken at 5:30 in the morning imagine what it is like at rush hour. In this picture the people are trying to get to work or buying something at the local market. I choose this picture because it is filled with emotion. This picture is overwhelming because the streets are crowded and busy and the cars can’t even get through the streets without running over someone. This also makes me feel claustrophobic because it is so crowded .  I  bet the photographer felt claustrophobic to because he was taking the picture. Also this is a  sad  picture because some people don’t have a home and the animals there have nowhere to run around and the can easily get lost. It makes me feel lucky because the streets are not crowded with people all the time.  This is happening all over the world. The world is getting to crowded and the population is still growing.


India Its streaming streets crammed with vendors, pedestrians,and iconic Ambassador taxis, Kolkata throbs with some 16 million people and more pour in every day from small towns . In 1975 only three cities worldwide topped ten million. Today 21 such megacities exicts, most in developing countries, where urban areas absorb much of the globe’s rising population. 

– Randy Olson


People in Kolkata India, and the people all over the world.


The population is getting to big and there is to many people.


Every single day


Every were in the world.

Why to get a Rescue Dog

In Atlanta, 90,000 dogs and cats die every year because they are abandoned. If you’re looking for a dog you should rescue a one because millions of dogs are put to sleep or abandoned every day.   Most dogs are abandoned because their owner can’t take care of them anymore. Also, they are abandoned before natural disasters. Some dogs might have not have had the best past but you can help them have a better future. You can save the dog from a grim future. Rescue dogs might have been abandoned, but they can learn to trust and love people again. Some people think that rescue dogs aren’t good with a family, but they can adjust to any situation over a period of time. They just have to become familiar with it.

Another reason why you should get rescue dogs is because breaded dogs cost more money than a rescue dog. Rescue dogs cost little to nothing compared to a breaded dog, but they still cost money. Breaded dogs also come as puppies so they chew on anything they can get their paws on. Rescue dogs are mostly young adults and not puppies so they won’t chew up your belongings. Also, a rescue dog is a good sleeper and breaded dogs might not sleep well. They might wake you up in the middle of the night because they are not familiar with their surroundings. Rescue dogs are sleepers because they have been with a family before and are familiar with the surroundings. Breaded dogs have to go to the vet a lot because they need to get shots and treatments in the first year.  When you buy a rescue dogs their not puppies and they don’t have to visit the vet other than yearly checkups. When you rescue a dog you get a dog, but you’re also saving their life and without you they would be dead.




Who is ready for summer I know I am. I can’t believe that we almost have one month left of school. I really want school to be over so I can travel to amazing places. I really want to go to Australia were are some places you want to go?