I think that Min is not going to get his pottery chosen for a commission. I think that because if Kang’s work has already been heard about Min might have some problems getting chosen for a commission. Not only has Kang’s work been heard about it has also already been replicated and the replicas are being sold to the public. That is a problem for Min because if Kang’s work becomes so popular then the emissary might not want to give Min a commission. I agree with what it says in the book that Tree-ear better hurry it up to get to the palace to show the emissary Min’s work. Though he must hurry Crane-man has told him to stop and climb the Rock of falling Flowers on his way there. But, like my prediction says I think that Min will not  get his work chosen so will Tree-ear really make the stop or will he continue his travels without stoping there? If he does stop then Min’s work may not have any chance of getting chosen but if he doesn’t stop then what will he tell Crane-man? I will continue to read this book and find out the answers to the questions.

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I believe that violence is never the answer. I believe that because a few weekends ago I threw a dive ring at my sister. Here is how it happened. It all started at my mom’s boss’s party. I decided to get into the pool. It had a heater in it so it felt really good. For a while I just swam around but then the other kids in the pool and me and my sister decided to play sharks and minnows. We did “Not It “to decide who should be the first shark.

Of course my sister became it. So then we started the game. I was last to leave the wall so I was totally my sister’s target. I swam so that I was right behind a float and my sister was on the other side. Then I noticed that there were some dive rings at the bottom of the pool. I swam down and snatched them all three of them up. Next I threw one trying to distract her. It did not work. I did the same thing again to another ring. Still, didn’t work. I only had one ring left.  I flung it and dove under the water and watched my sister get out of the pool. I did not know what was wrong so I swam over to the edge of the pool and saw that the dive ring had hit my sister and made her nose bleed. At that point I leaped out of the pool, grabbed my towel and ran over to my sister who was with my mom.  I said sorry to my sister so many times then.  I felt so bad because there was so much blood and she had paper towels on her nose.

Then we left and my mom was so mad at me. She took away my itouch for two weeks and made me stay in my room for the rest of the night. I was so mad at myself. I look back at that event now and realize that all I wanted to do was win sharks and minnows. Also when I think back on the event it makes me feel sad and sorry towards my sister. Now I realize that throwing the dive rings at all even though I did not mean to hit my sister was wrong and immature. What I learned from this was violence is never the right answer. This I believe.


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I think that Tree-ear is a very good person. He is always trying to do the right thing. He is constantly having debates with himself on whether something is right or wrong. He is also very kind and loving to the people around him and to nature. In a text-to-text connection I would relate him to Koly from Homeless Bird. She to is very kind and loving to nature and the people around her. She to is always striving to do the right thing and is constantly having arguments with herself if what she is doing is right or wrong. Even though Koly has all those good characteristics she is still sometimes bad. One time in the book she goes to a girl named Mala’s party even though she was instructed not to. So that makes you think if Tree-ear will disobey someone soon. He too has done something mischievous. He took some clay back to his house under the bridge and made a leaf. Then the next day he slipped into his bosses (his boss is a master potter named Min) house undetected and sticks the leaf onto one of Min’s vases that had other leaves on it. Even though that Min was a master potter he did not notice the leaf that Tree-ear made. Then when the emissary comes to town he too does not notice the leaf and very much admires the vase that Min made. Though that still makes you wonder if that small act of mischief will lead to something bigger and more sever this time.

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Next year in sixth grade we will have new MacBook Airs. I am very excited to get mine. We will be able to use them as we wish but they will be monitored. Some of the benefits are, they are faster, they let you design the computer to your prefrence. I think that it will be really nice to have my own computer so that if my sister needs to do some homework on our home computer I can use my laptop. I also feel that it will be nice to get more familiar with the Mac system for seventh grade when we will all probably have our own Macs. I am going to try to be a better blogger with my Mac and also make more movies in iMovie. Overall, I am very thrilled to get my own Mac next year.

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In my photo there is a man on the top of the Washington Monument. He is checking the Washington monument brick by brick. He is doing that because of the earthquake in August. It makes me feel sad that a natural disaster has broken one of our nations hallowed monuments. I also think that you would have to be very brave to do that because the top of it is so high up. This is what the magazine’s caption had to say; “ An engineer begins the process of conducting a block-by-block inspection of the exterior of the Washington Monument..” Photograph by win McNamee-Getty Images http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/ABPub/zoom/html/2016342501.html

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Who: Greeks

What: Trying to become the EU’s largest exporter of solar generated energy



Why do we care:We care because if the Greeks can make solar energy the they could inspire scientists here to do the same.

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I think that kids in elementary school should get more recess time. I think that because if kids are fidgety in class then they would have more time to get their fidgets out. If they did that then it would be easier for them to focus in class. Also, if they had been talking a lot in class then they would have more appropriate time to talk. Another reason is that teachers would have more free time to plan lessons and relax. Third, kids would get more exercise so they could stay more physically fit. Finally, if kids are not eating their lunch or only eating dessert then they will be hungry enough to eat what they are given.

Some other people have a different opinion than I do and these are some reasons why. First, by extending recess time then kids would lose learning time in class. Second, even if the kids are fidgety than a longer recess time might make them to tired to focus. Also some people might be so tired that they might fall asleep. In conclusion I still believe that kids in elementary school should have more recess time.

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Today in values we did an assembly line. I thought that it was very fun. We made Parcoes. They are pieces of paper that have a blue line on the left side  then we put a red square in the top right corner. The piece of paper had to be 3″x5″ and the blue stripe had to be 1in. wide. The red sqare had to be a 1″x1″.

There were also a few jobs per group. I was the sales person. I took the parceos to the bank. We were competing against the other people in the room and the grade. The way to win was to have the most parcoes in the bank at the end. We had five 3min. work periods and five three minute plan periods. For the first 3 periods we had not gotten any parcoes in the bank. Then my fellow group member Trey had the idea to put the pieces of paper on top of eachother so hat we would be manufacturing them faster. In the end after the time was called we had won the classroom one with 7 parcoes. I think that are group worked really well together because even though we were off to a slow start we did come in first in the class. I think it was a great way to further practis teamwork since we are heading into our Greece unit where we will have city-states that we will have to work with.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this experience and thought that this was a great way to practices teamwork. Thanks for reading!


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Who: The Kentucky Wildcats

What: They are loaded with Talent and have a Team-First attitude

When: Now

Where: Across America

How: Great players

Why should we care: We should care because this is a good team. This is also a bunch of talented sports players who someone could look up to.









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I think that Koly showed perseverance in many ways in this book. First, a big one is putting up with Sass’s scoldings. That took a lot of perseverance from her. Second, when she was learning to read and write she said that she would struggle but she persevered and was determined to learn. That can be pretty hard because in school it can be frustrating. Also, when she was chanting in the temple for food she persevered even though she did not like the smell of it. I think that that can be a challenge because I cannot stand being around smells I don’t like. Thos are three ways that I think Koly persevered in this book.

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