Whoever You Are

As I enter my fifth year of teaching at Trinity, I find myself reflecting on the past and realizing how my life has evolved.  For me, the shift from teaching in a monolingual classroom to a multilingual environment where technology is the teacher has been a positive experience.  Working with the ELD/early ULD students has been an ever-changing adventure where every day is a treasure.    As we travel around the world and learn about different languages, students understand that there is no such word as “weird” to describe the richness of each unique culture.  Instead, we celebrate the ways that we are different and alike.   Often times, we reference the book, Whoever You Are, by Mem Fox to remind us of this important lesson.

As always, my main goal as a teacher is to ensure a positive learning experience and to encourage students to open their minds and hearts to the world around them.    In doing so, students (no matter the age)will become compassionate members of an always expanding global community.

Brandi Hoyos

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  1. Megan Says:

    What a gift…to inspire children to open their minds and hearts to the world around them. As I think about your role in the WL classroom, I am inspired by the work you do with the children. Not only are you guiding them in the learning of a language, but you are teaching the “why” behind the learning. Just as the PE Team talks to students about having a healthy body, you craft learning experiences so children have a healthy mindset about the world in which they live.

    So many times, as an adult, I have thought that something was “weird” only because it was different. My, how our own identity shapes us, our experiences, and our reactions! Thank you for inspiring children (and adults too) to see the world through a new lens…one in which every culture is unique and matters, despite how “similar” or “different.”

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